Thursday, April 1, 2010

Is spring cleaning supposed to make you bleed?

Because the pain from my pulled muscle, my aching back, my arthritic shoulders and fingers, and my aching heart wasn't enough, I thought it might be nice if I made a big gash in my leg too.

Ugh. Yesterday, while breaking up the rest of the pieces of a mirror I was throwing out, I managed to send shards flying everywhere and one big one ended up taking a large chunk out of my leg. Other pieces cut my hand and fingers. That sucked. It took a while to get the bleeding to stop and I cleaned it up and bandaged it. I haven't looked at it yet today and I really don't want too.

Believe it or not, my pulled muscle is just about better today (that was fast!) and I'm feeling pretty good all around. Trying not to think about the romantic drama too much.

So it's back to spring cleaning now, back to the gym in a couple of hours, and then my much needed meditation class tonight.


Pick said...

Yikes! That's scary shit! Really happy you missed the "jewels". Glad you're ok, feeling better and moving on.

Now go make the next thrilling instalment of "Manscaping 101" for all of us adoring fans to get your mind of things and have to some fun. ;o{)

Pick said...

Damn, how'd I do that?
... "and to have some fun".

Think maybe I left the remaining section of my brain that was working in Saint John.

Jambrea said...

((((hugs))) Man...take it easy on your poor body.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever considered yourself accident prone???? In case nobody ever told you, glass is sharp and should be handled carefully with heavy gloves. Sheesh, don't I sound like somebody's mother. CRAP!

SciFiMikeMan said...

danger prone daphne from scooby doo fur sure, all you need now is the purdy dress and green scarf you sweet man

wdavi said...

I'm glad your OK. Next time, when breaking glass like that, do an X, then a T, across and down the face of the mirror or glass, with heavy masking or duct tape. It will keep flying shards at a minimum.

Stan said...

Damn! Mister! I always panic when I see that much blood coming out of me but luckily I clot fast and easily. Glad you okay now.