Friday, April 16, 2010

The Color Purple

It's all about The Color Purple here on my blog today.

First, last night I went to see the play The Color Purple at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. The movie was such a powerful and HUGE story and I was worried that the play would be a "loose" adaptation turned into some Andrew Loyd Weber fluff piece. Kind of like they did to Wicked. I have to say that it was fucking awesome!

The second round of The Color Purple is not so awesome. I had another Cheerbeating practice this morning. (I'm doing a live performance to help out a friend in the upcoming Sir/Boy contest.) It was our last official practice and we were videotaping it. I've been holding back until now but I told everyone they had to really give it their all at this point. And that's just what I did. I went into Master Nick mode and basically kicked the shit out of my friend. It was freaking HOT as hell and everyone watching was blown away.

As soon as we were done I looked down and was not too happy to find that the pinky finger in my right hand was bent at almost a 90 degree angle at the upper knuckle. WHAT THE FUCK! The same thing that happened to my toe in the Naked Kombat match I did with Tyler Saint had now happened to my finger. FUCK!

Everyone came over to see and I proceeded to bend the finger back into it's original shape. I could feel all of the broken pieces grinding into place. It was now straight and I let go of the finger. And it immediately snapped back to a 90 degree angle. FUCK! Up until this point I didn't feel any pain at all. It all rushed in at once. OUCH!

I ended up breaking a pencil and using it as a splint on the side of my finger to keep it straight until I got to the hospital. Paperwork, x-rays, splint, gauze, bandage and pain killer prescription. It was a bad break. The whole top section down through the knuckle was broken. FUCK!

Before the doctor even came in with the x-ray results, this nasty doctor's helper came over to put the splint on my finger. I showed him how I had kept it straight with the pencil on the side and he told me that was very nice and proceeded to put my finger in the splint, in the bent and broken position, and tape it up. Asshole. I told him that it would permanently stay that way if it wasn't straight while it healed. He said that if I wanted it straight I needed to go to a hand surgeon and get surgery on it. Asshole.

This woman asked me how I broke my finger. They need to make sure it wasn't domestic violence. I told her, "I was doing a performance and it got injured when I fell." She asked if I was dancing. And I said, "Yes." You must be good", she said. I responded with, "Ummm... apparently not, I fell and broke my finger." What a stupid conversation but what was I going to tell her? "I broke my finger when I was beating the shit out of my friend." Ya... that would have went over well.

As soon as I got home I dropped off the pain killer prescription and picked up a smaller splint and some skin colored tape. I undid what the asshole at the hospital did and did it the right way. I've broken so many fingers... and toes... and ribs... and legs... and... My point is, it's not my first time dealing with this shit.

So now it's 9:30pm and the Oxycodine I took over 2 hours ago still hasn't done anything for the pain. It's time to ad Coconut Rum and Soy Milk (my favorite drink) to the mix. Don't worry... I'm not going to get messed up tonight. I have to wake up early to get down to the Miami Pride Festival tomorrow because I am riding on a float with lots of other dirty porn stars. If you're there just look for the only hairy guy. Or just look for the idiot with the broken finger. Guess I'll be waving with my left hand.

13 comments: said...

Buddy, you are just walking destruction! Feel better & I hope that sucker heals well.

Frank said...

You are officially the King of Pain.I have a hard time dealing with any kind let alone something that involves my hands.I wish you the best tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Ow - but then, like you say, you're used to it ;-).Have fun in Miami - wish we could get you down to NZ.

Nick Moretti said...

The King of Pain. I FUCKING LOVE IT!!!! Thanks Frank! :-)

Pick said...

Yeow! I thought it sounded bad when I saw it on Twitter but jeez, tough guy ... not good! You're description of it here actually made me cringe ... I'm still cringing actually. I fractured the two outside fingers on my right hand in November and they still kill me from time to time, so I can actually kind of feel your pain and it's not the kind I like.

Heal fast bud!

joyroett said...

Jeez. You can't seem to catch a break. (I know, really bad pun)
Hope you have a blast today and it's incident free!

Anonymous said...

I broke the large knuckle on my index finger playing coed volleyball in and architectural league of my husband's; it just snapped and I heard it. I called myself out of the game and put it into the ice bucket we had for drinks. Later, when we went to the er, they told me it wasn't broken, even though it was well on its way to turning all kinds of pretty colors and swelling up quite a bit. A few days later, the radiologist called me back and said something like "Oops! It turns out you do have a broken finger!" Idiots! It was a clean break across the process that holds the knuckle together on the inside though. Not nearly as serious as yours. The worst part was that I had an interview as a Safety Coordinator the next week, and went to it all taped up. But, I had that job in the bag anyhow. LOL! Poor me.

Heal up quick Nick!

Stan said...

Get weel soon your Majesty!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick,
Hope the finger heals quickly and have fun a pride

Unknown said...

Nick, I hope you heal soon and feel no pain. Big HUG for you

Jambrea said...

Try to have fun tomorrow. Try not to fall off the float! lol I hope the rum and milk help!

blacknoon said...


Ouch! Here is a kiss to fix the boo boo.



Anonymous said...

Looked like great fun Guyz hope the hand heals soon