Saturday, April 10, 2010

Finding Center

After spending all day Thursday getting my house and my self ready for my trip to San Francisco, and dropping my dog off at the kennel (God, I miss that stinky little dog) I managed to get two hours sleep before it was time to head to the airport.

The flights on Virgin America were great and a very sweet flight attendant hooked me up with some Champagne and Orange Juice. When I saw the name on the Champagne bottle I knew that things were going to be going well. Sometimes life sends you a sign. Why not on a bottle of alcohol?

The stepped out of the airport in San Francisco, looked up at the beautiful blue sky, and felt the warm sun hit my face, I knew what I was going to do. Head to Doloris Park!

So I got my ride to The Amory, dropped off my bags, walked to Doloris Park (with a quick detour to a gourmet market to pick up some Whitefish Salad, Pita Chips, Dolma and Mozzerella Balls with Sundried Tomatoes), dropped my tired, old ass down on the grass at the top of the hill.

The boys were all out in groups, smoking cigarettes and whatever else and drinking beer or wine. While I was waiting for my friends Jesse and Dane to show up I put on my headphones and meditated to a guided meditation on my iPod Nano. A few minutes later I realized I had found center. After days and days of being sad, and a little lost, I had found myself in a place where I was completely at peace. I wouldn't change a thing.

My friends showed up and we had a great day of talk, and food, and drinks. A guy selling brownies was nice enough to sell one to us. Yup, it was one of those kinds of days.

After the park we walked to Castro and did a pub crawl and finally ended up at this Thai Restaurant that makes great Pumpkin Curry. Some more walking around, and a couple of bars later, it was about 11:30pm (2:30pm my time) and time to head back to The Armory for some sleep. What an awesome day. Here are some photos from the park.


Anonymous said...

I love that photo of you in Dolores Park! You look so young and at peace!

SciFiMikeMan said...

Must mean A.M. there sweet man, 11:00 p.m. would put you in Russia if it were 2:00 pm in Florida. Have a great time and enjoy your stay in Ca.

Stan said...

I gotta say that a trip out to San Francisco would sure help me find center too! (and much more)
How great for you Nick. Love the pics. I hope the shoot goes well for you too.

Jambrea said...

I'm very happy you found your center and it looks like you had a great day! Good for you.

Nax Caminiti said...

Glad things went so well for you, and you had a day to just get back into your center.

Can we ask about the guided meditation? Was it perchance a podcast?

I have to say, this post made me wish I was back in CA again. I miss SF, Concord, and Sac.

joyroett said...

You so needed a good day. Good for you!