Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cheerbeating practice

Today's practice for the Beyond Leather aka Southeast LeatherSIR / Leatherboy contest was our best practice yet. The current International Mr. Leather, Jeffrey Payne, came to the rehearsal and rumor has it he got a stiffy during the performance. I have to admit it is pretty extreme and HOT as hell. Here's a picture of boy sean after practice (which I dubbed Cheerbeating practice). We are both covered in bruises and welts. Fun!

An update on the Tranny Attack Bird situation...
The poor injured bird was completely better after he rested up a while in the cage with the other canary. I put him back in the big cage with all of the finches and the evil tranny bird started to attack and would not stop.

FUCK THAT! I scooped up the evil tranny bird and put him in the small cage with the other canary. That canary is in his own separate cage because he was attacking all of the birds when he was in the big cage. So the two evil fuckers can live together. Why should the poor nice finch have to suffer? I'm hoping that once the evil tranny bird loosed his beautiful, long tail feathers he will go back to being humble and nice again. Fucker.


Stan said...

That Beyond Leather event sure looks like fun.
Phew! I'm so happy that the bird recovered. It's going to be interesting as to what happens now to the bully.

Stan said...

btw: I like what Temple Grandin once said: "Nature is cruel...but we don't have to be."

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, nice mix of who you are and your ordinary life as well as the professional stuff.

And birds can be mean bastards - more proof they evolved from dinosaurs.