Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy now?

I took care of the front lawn. Happy now?

Truth be told, I am an awesome neighbor. I've been living in my neighborhood for over 20 years now and I've been in my house for over 10. Unfortunately, I don't make enough money to hire people to do the lawn or the pool. So sometimes they get out of control. Especially when I travel so much, when my back goes out, or when the weather doesn't permit. All of those things happened at once this time. If anyone would like to volunteer their services to do my lawn or pool it would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, FUCK OFF! LOL (I am kidding, of course. I'm proud of my house and I feel HORRIBLE when it doesn't look nice.)

There are many, many houses on my block with lawns that are much worse than mine. I just had the sprinkler system updated and I am waiting for the guy with the stump grinder to come and take out the rest of the old tree roots that I couldn't get to myself. As soon as he does that I am putting in all new grass. I will maintain it and it will look great until we have our next big drought and it all dies... again. It never ends when you own a house.


Anonymous said...

hey man trying to talk to you I'm not getting it please send me your email or phone to

wdavi said...

Ouch! the lawn, the gardening and back problems. I know that story well! But it looks great!

Anonymous said...

That is why they call us "homemoaners" [instead of home owners].

Jambrea said...

It looks awesome. :)'s always something when you own your own house. Ugh. :)

Pick said...

Hey Nick,

You need me to come do some xeriscaping on your property. Get rid of the grass and come up with a design for a very low water garden. Seriously, since you're so popular and busy these days ... it's the way to go.

Actually check it out, find some drought tolerant plants, and stuff 'em in. You'll make you're life easier and maybe start something in your neighbourhood.

Stan said...

I hate mowing the lawn too. Especially now with spring coming it's going to be non stop! What's the purpose of it anyway? To impress your neighbors? UGH!
The place looks great btw.

Y said...

If I had a yard like yours I would mow it twice a day;)

Pick said...

Speaking of mowing things ... when are we going to get to see you trimming the bush?
Enquiring horny guys wanna know! ;o{)

We've been waiting for that instructional video to come out. lol

Nax Caminiti said...

Nick, it looks great, and honestly, if I was down in the area, I'd offer to keep up your lawn. I suppose you could always sponsor a houseboy to do it for you.

I'm with Pick, I'd love an instructional video on how-to. I've had an ex that's offered to teach me, but his idea of maintenance was getting rid of it all, not just trimming. It would be great to see someone showing how to do it right. ;)

(awk)Word said...

I hire a neighbor kid to do it. Why is it about the time they get old enough where I can appreciate (and leer) their sweaty-shirtless bod, they decide they don't want to mow lawns anymore?

Seriously, the neighbor kid mows my lawn for $5 a week.