Monday, March 1, 2010

2010 tla gay awards nomination!

I guess it is officially awards season. First the 16th Annual Hard Choice Awards where I won in the the Best Daddy-Boy Scene category (Brief Encounters with Conner Habib) and the Best Sex Three or More category (Masterpiece with Ross Hurston and Ethan Grant) and came in second in the Best Cum Shot category... well, at least my face did (also Masterpiece with Ross Hurston and Ethan Grant) . Then the International Hookie Awards where I am nominated in the Best Fetish Escort category. (There is still time to vote for me there... CLICK HERE.) Now it's time for TLA's first annual TLA GAY AWARDS.

This time the film "
Brief Encounters ", where I have the very hot, now award-wining scene, with Conner Habib, is nominated in the Best Intergenerational Flick category. I'm going to totally ignore the fact that they are calling me "old" and humbly ask EVERYONE to go to TLA and vote for the film to win this category. Click here to vote for "Brief Encounters"... Pretty Please.


Anonymous said...

Sigh. Just remember the good company that you are in Nick. We are all looking at you for inspiration and thinking that we are still relevant! So please don't quit!!! Everytime I see that big boner of yours, I just know I am still alive!

Stan said...

I clicked on the "Brief Encounters" image to cast my vote but it doesn't indicate my vote went through. What is this the 2000 election all over again?

Jambrea said...

I got my vote in. The Best Newcomer was hard. lol So many good guys in it.

Unknown said...

Whatever they call you Nick!
You're SO fucking HOT and am pretty sure it's gonna last for years!
Good luck for the award stuff!
Love from France