Thursday, March 4, 2010

A very piggy week at home

Yesterday's shoot for Cocksure Men with Tim Kelly went awesome! He took our scene in a dirty, nasty direction and who was I to argue? It ended up with me covered in loads of cum... both of ours. HOT!

Having sex with friends on film can be a lot of fun too since everyone is already so comfortable with each other. At one point Tim did a comedy routine for the camera by making it look like my butt-hole was talking with a Brooklyn accent. "Yo, I'm Nick Moretti's Butt-hole." I wanted to kill him, but I wasn't exactly in any position to do anything about it. You had to be there... it really was hysterical! The video of that part better NEVER surface!!!! LOL

I got asked back to do some more work with the Cocksure Men/Jake Cruise company while they are here. When it rains it pours. Not going to tell you who my scene partner is today. He's definitely my type though (you know how I love the Daddy types).

So this week is turning into quite a busy week. Three shoots for Cocksure Men/Jake Cruise, Then "dancing" in the cage at the Ramrod bar on Saturday night. (Yup... it's that time of the year again.) I've warned you guys before that I'm not a dancer so don't expect more than me acting slutty in a cage. Then, if the weather holds out, I'll be going to the Winter Party - Beach Party on Sunday afternoon. It's been pretty cold here so I'm going to wait till last minute before making that decision.

If you are in the Fort Lauderdale area this weekend, stop by the Ramrod Pig Dance on Saturday night, where I'll be "dancing" in the cage, and stick a dollar, or two, or twenty in my jock or up my butt! I know times are hard, so, if you want change, just ask and I'll try to squeeze some out. Ugh... I even grossed myself out with that one!


Pick said...

OK Nick, you KNOW we need the vid of that butt hole puppet now! Too funny!

Stan said...

I so wish I could be at the Ramrod to catch your "act." Good luck!

Jambrea said...

Good luck and have fun tonight!