Friday, March 19, 2010

Oh boy! It's time for the Crappys!

In case you follow that kind of thing, the 2010 Erotic Video Awards, also known as the Crappys... I mean the Grabbys, announce their nominations the other day.


Best Porn Star Blog: NOT ME!
Best Versatile Performer: NOT ME!
Best Supporting Actor: NOT ME!
Hottest Cock: NOT ME!
Best Porn Star Website: NOT ME!
Performer of the Year: NOT ME!

The list goes on, and on... but my name doesn't.
Eh, maybe next year. Unless I break a hip. I wonder if there is a category for that!

Actually, you guys know by now I'm completely... well almost completely adjusted to being the guy in the shadows. (Actually, come to think of it, I have had a lot more fun in the shadows. You can get away with a lot more shit back there!)

What I am really happy about, is that my friends at Steel Mill Media have been nominated for the movie "Bullwhipped" which I'm very proud to have been a part of (along with Tyler Saint and Tober Brandt.) I really hope those guys win!!!

I'm also happy that the Hot House movie "Masterpiece" was nominated in several categories as well even though it feels like I did that move like three years ago.

Congratulations to ALL of the nominees.


rsfan2006 said...

Nick, You don't need any award to tell how great you are... it's just a formal thing.
You can simply think of all of the people who are following your blog & career, that should let you know just how great you are!

richardpaul said...

Nick , you are the best !
hope you win next more than 1 award.
and have a great weekend..

Lucien said...

BULLWHIPPED is AWESOME I think its your best work

J said...

Don't put yourself down because of these 'awards.' Your work at Bound Gods is some of my favorite...and it's always a pleasure to post those pics when they update.