Thursday, March 18, 2010

A very bushy Thursday

The internet was down yesterday so I couldn't do a St. Patrick's Day themed post. It was going to be a good one too.

So here is a picture that I just took of my cock with my trusty iPhone. (Yes, I broke another camera. That's 3 this year!) I know it's not as witty as the St. Patty's post probably would have been so I'll ad a joke to go along with it.

What does the city of Brooklyn, NY and a girl in tight jeans have in common?

They both have a Flatbush.
(You may have to come from New York to get that one.)

Anyway, my bush is anything but flat right now. I'll probably have to do some strategic grooming before my upcoming Bound Gods shoot. Maybe I'll do a little video to go with it. Or maybe not. Sounds a little gross on second thought.


Peter Axel said...

I like a big bush....give me something to bury my face in!

Pick said...

I too would love to nuzzle into that clump. Lovely scenery for sure!

wdavi said...

OMG! Three! You must have insurance.

starbman said...

Hey, man! I do not know what "requirements" there are for shoots, but that's looking good to me, too!
I think filming it is not gross, actually. I think it'd be a good teaching tool, in fact. How do you know where to shave, where to trim, length, et c....

Anonymous said...

I agree with starbman: Not gross; glad to know your teachnique. Show it all! and thanks, randy