Monday, March 29, 2010

Wanna build an ark?

I woke up this morning to find a HUGE storm raging outside. Thunder, lightning, torrential downpour. I though I was going to have to build an ark! I heard there was even a tornado a few miles from here.

It was a good excuse to stay in bed with my dog. She was happy about that. If she had her way she would never get out of bed.

While I'm talking about pets here, I have to mention that I have a new pet. A new UNWANTED pet. Last night when I got up to pee and drink some Almond Milk I saw a big ole rat scurry from near the big bird cage. THEY'RE BACK!!!! Fuck. Time to call the rodent removal guy. That fucker is NOT coming on the ark when it's done. I just hope I still have some time left on my rat removal guarantee from that company.


Stan said...

Aw Geez! Not again!
Nick if I were Cynder I wouldn't want to get out of bed with you either! That's one smart dog. I heard about your bad weather and it's probably coming right up the east coast like last time. UGH!

Pick said...

Oh my Gawd, Cynder ...
THAT'S disgusting!
Do you know where Nick's face has been? ;o{)

Just kidding Cynder, if I was ever lucky enough to wake up beside him, I'd be usin' my tongue on 'im too. SA-LURP! lol

Anonymous said...

You just need some major pussy!

To get rid of that rat, that is!

Doggy kisses are always sweet, no matter the smell! :) It has been pouring up here all day too, so sail your ark up here and we'll tie up together with our big boat we have in our yard and party hardy!