Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Photos from San Francisco

Saturday night I went to this expensive Vegan restaurant named Millennium. It was some of the worst food I have ever eaten in my whole life. I've eaten at many Vegan restaurants before and had great experiences. This just sucked from beginning to end.

Sunday, I needed something to get the bad taste out of my mouth from dinner the night before, so I headed to Doloris Park and ran into so many of my friends. It was so great to find Race Cooper flying high above the park. We hung for a while and I asked him if he wanted to do the Mr. S Photo shoot with me. (I'll give you guys more details on how that went in another post.)

I almost went up to this guy and said, "Hey Steve!" Doesn't he look just like Steve Cruz?

"The Brownie Man" comes around with copper bowls carrying all flavors of "special brownies". I wish I could have had one but I'm here for work... not play.

Wish I would have met the owner of this bizarre car.

I guess I left my heart in San Francisco!

I'm about to head into my second Bound Gods shoot for the week so I have to go shower and shave. This one is with Colton Steele (who was a no show the last time we were supposed to shoot together). The furry little fucker better show up today! Rumor has it that this is going to be the Daddy/Boy scene that the Bound Gods viewers have been asking for. I know Daddy/Boy scenes have been done before, but NOT Bound Gods style. Should be Sick and HOT!


alleen said...

Hi Nick, it is a pity that this shoot is not with Derrek Diamond because he and you are very hot together. And nice pictures, everybody outside and such a nice weather. Here it is still very cold.

Pick said...

I knew you had a big ol' heart Nick ... that pic just proves it. ;o{)

Stan said...

Great pics Nick! Keep 'em coming! Yep he does look like Steve. I haven't had a "special" brownie in years. Would love one!
Glad your having great weather out there. Here in the Northeast too! Enjoy!

wdavi said...

Great pictures. He does look like Steve. Especially in profile. They do say, that somewhere in the world, every one has a double.