Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Meet my new boy

If you read my last post you you probably surmised that I was feeling a little sad and alone. Judging from your comments it's a situation that we all know very well, from time to time, in our lives. I HATE that feeling. I want it to end as soon as possible. There are things I know that will help make me feel better.

So I had lunch with Sean (the new Southeast Leather Boy) today and we stopped in to the pet shop to check out the puppies. Animals always center me. Something about them just puts everything into perspective. Makes your problems seem silly. They are true to their nature and don't tend to have the emotions that make our lives miserable sometimes, like sadness, jealousy and anger. Being around an animal is like meditation for me. The "problems" of the day shift to the back burner and a sense of peace takes their place.

After looking at the puppies (Of course I wanted one... hell... ALL of them! But I use my brain as well as my heart when it comes to taking a new pet into my life.) we checked out the birds, ferrets, and rabbits. Then I looked down into one of the other glass enclosures and saw all of these little cotton balls mixed in with the soft bedding. I reached my hand in and picked up the tiny ball of fluff and immediately fell in love. An hour later he was home with me scurrying all over my neck, chest and arms. Pure joy. I proudly introduce my new boy Bubba!

Bubba is a Roborovski Dwarf Hamster.

Of course I did research on the tiny hamster. Bubba is a Roborovski Dwarf Hamster and he is a pet that will fit into my little "family" very well. The little guy will only grow to be about 1 1/2 inches long and he should live from 2 to 3 1/2 years. He's very easy to take care of and the only real concern is to make sure that he doesn't jump away from me. They will jump to the floor with no regard for how high the fall is. This could easily be fatal.

The little house I bought for him is easy to transport. I even took him him with me tonight to my friend's place for pizza, American Idol and Glee. Of course he didn't eat the pizza or watch the shows, but he did explore and run on his wheel and everyone fell in love with him. How could you not?

Here is a little video of little Bubba.


alleen said...

I am glad you are feeling a little bit better. I also love animals, I have a little dog and every day a take a big walk. In mine country it is spring now, and it is very nice to see, all the little animals.It does make you forget all your sorrows. Have a lot of fun with Bubba.

blacknoon said...


Glad to see you're enjoying your new pet. I used to have gerbals but I couldn't take the heart ache any more when they died 2-3 years later.

And you're right about too much. My new latin lover keeps me busy and I enjoy being his sex toy but with a cock like that, I don't think I would be walking the next day.

Out of courosity, why must gay relationships be different than straight? Perhaps you're looking at all the wrong things but for the right reasons. I think you should spend your time having a long conversation with your girlfriend of long ago. Women are really good at listening and see relationships in a different light then men. Perhaps she can bring a different perspetice that will open new doors for you.

If you want to talk privately, email me. I've saved more than one marrage.

Anonymous said...

I love Bubba! I used to have a hamster and I got her a plastic ball that she could run inside of. She ran all over the house in that thing! She would go clonk up against the walls! Hilarious!

Leatherpigboy said...

LMAO omg he is cute love that he runs and runs and keeps stoppin to see if he has gotten anywhere and he hasnt. So cute. Glad you are feelin better Nick, you coming to IML this year? If so look me up

Jim said...

Welcome Bubba! Adorable :-) I agree, too, with Fairviewsue...those little plastic spheres you can put them in and they run around the house are great...and the little fellas get somewhere!

wdavi said...

It's adorable!

Aussie Sean said...

Great to hear your feeling better, the power of animals can be amazing! I've never seen a "Bubba" before, very cute.

Jambrea said...

Too cute! I'm very happy he made you feel better. :)

J said...

He's adorable! I wonder if my guinea pigs would enjoy one as a friend? Probably not. They are vindictive bitches...but I love 'em!

Stan said...

Nick you couldn't be more right on about animals and their effect on us humans. Good luck with Bubba.

Pick said...

Cutest thing I've seen in a long time! My God, look at those little hands. How could he not melt even the hardest heart?

Congrats on being a new papa once again!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're mood is better, and what a lucky little hamster ! Bubba's going to have a good life with you.

Tom said...

Cute Bubba, you should pick him up a partner for the times you're not around

Damien said...

Oh that is so cute my eyes hurt now.


Seriously - I need one of those I think.

Could use some centering right now.

Damien said...

BTW - is the sean "sean storm"? Or someone else?

If it is Sean Storm - could you ask him to do a profile for me please?

But only after YOU say yes Mr Moretti :)