Monday, November 2, 2009

Warriors and Monkeys... It must be Halloween!

Halloween in Wilton Manors was the best one yet! They closed the streets and had contests, drag shows, musical performers and dancing. I've been away for so long and it was good to reconnect with all of my friends. AWESOME night!

I convinced Joe to put on part of one of my old Halloween costumes and I found one of the costumes I wore on the last Atlantis cruise... complete with monkey. Cheap and easy... like me!

I'll continue posting about my San Francisco trip tomorrow with details about my latest Bound Gods shoot and some photos.


blacknoon said...

OMG Nick!
I hate to say this but... You look like a hula girl LOL! Cute and lots of laughs and I love it.

You sexy thing you. Wolf wolf.
I like Joe too!

Stan said...

You and Joe look great in your costumes. Nice "high and tight" haircut Nick.