Sunday, November 22, 2009


I've been keeping my lips shut tight (not something you'd expect from a Porn Star... I know). After the first two disastrous attempts at breeding finches I tried not to get too excited when I came back from San Francisco a few weeks ago and found that my white Zebra Finches had taken to the nest again.

It too all the strength I had not to try to take a peek inside the nest while the zebra finches were out of it. I really wanted to know if there were eggs in it or not. But, on the other hand, I didn't want to make any disturbances that would scare them and make them abandon the possible babies... again.

Weeks went by and the male and female Zebra Finches took turns in the nest. I guess if there were babies in there they were taking care of them. But there was no little chirping or movement coming from the nest.

Until this weekend!

While watching the mother in the nest I thought I saw a little grey thing move in front of her. I was almost certain it was a baby. Then today I came home and there it was! A little baby was poking it's head up out of the nest. It already has some feathers on it and it is pretty active. (See the photo above.)

I'm not sure if there is more than one in there but I'm happy as heck right now. I think this one is actually going to make it!
Apparently, it was a big week for having babies. Tim also had one this week. Only his was a little bigger and a lot louder. Little Trudi is the cutest little pig you'd ever want to see. I have to say there is actually a resemblance between the pig and her daddy. (See the photo to the left.) But then again, I guess most pigs look alike. LOL!!!

Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend!


Anonymous said...

OMG! What a cute baby bird! Might I add, that you are the cutest baby daddy around too! Kiss! LOL! [Who says that you only have dead animals around you???]

blacknoon said...

Oh how ADORABLE! Baby birdies always amaze me. They look like a cross between a bird and a turtle and they're SOOOO fragile. And then when their eyes open up, they get so excited to see the outside world they're like little human kids in a candy store. Enjoy the expirence while you can. They grow up just too damn fast. LOL

Stan said...

This is great news Nick! I have bird houses in my backyard that I watch parents raise their broods all spring and summer. It's an amzing thing to see.
I love Tim's baby too. One reason I don't eat pork. How can anyone eat something so smart and cute?

wdavi said...

OMG! How Fabulous, Congrats!

Unknown said...