Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Encaged for Equaility

This Friday, November 20th, from 7-10pm photographer Sylvester Q will be debuting his new exhibit "Community Encaged" at Marks Haircuts for Men during Wilton Manor's Island City Art Walk.

What sets this exhibit apart from the rest?

First, it's a charity fundraiser for Equality Florida.

Second, there will be free drinks provided by The Ramrod bar.

Third: models from the photographs will be there to meet and greet the attendees. (I'm one of them!)

The Artwalk is usually a huge success and a lot of fun as everyone gets to view lots of local artists work while strolling down Wilton Drive with a free cocktail in hand and sampling free appetizers.

This time it will be even better because the weather is just PERFECT this time of year, the tourists have started to funnel down to Fort Lauderdale for the winter and holiday seasons, there is a charity event that will help our community, and I will be there!!! LOL

Hope to see you guys there!


Anonymous said...

Finally caged!

Stan said...

Wish I could be there Nick. Sounds like a lot of fun.
Good luck in Florida for equaility with that closet case governor of yours Charlie Crist!

Lucas said...

I love you, man!

Jambrea said...

Darn! If I was in FL, I would SO be there. :)

Have fun!

blacknoon said...

At LAST, we finally got you where we want. CAGED LOL!!!
Oh why couldn't I be on vacation this week instead of next.

Please post more photos!!!

You little devil, oops, I mean angel you.

wdavi said...

What a great picture! The event sounds like fun, and for a good cause. I too, wish I could be there!