Friday, September 5, 2008

Labor Day Fun

Labor Day weekend turned out pretty great after all!

So I didn't get to Southern Decadence but I did have a lot of fun right here at home in Ft. Lauderdale. More importantly, New Orleans weathered the storm very well.

I went to an awesome birthday party for Jeff that was thrown by his two husbands Tom and Carl. Great food, great friends and of course most of the Ft. Lauderdale Porn Posse was on hand.

Saturday night I went to a fetish party called "Dirty Love" at Jet Set with DJ Manny Lehman. Most of the local guys stayed home and saved themselves for the big "Black Party" event on Sunday night so the crowd was a little... off. That's putting it kindly. I was surrounded by a couple of my closest friends so the night was a lot of fun even as we dodged drunk guys falling all over us and way too aggressive tourists just walking up and groping us roughly.

Sunday night was a complete blast! There were two different clubs open (Jet Set & Revolution) and you could move back and forth between both. The party started about 5:00pm and Sandra Bernhard did a short live show around midnight. With the show over, DJ Tracy Young took over the turntables and the energy level went through the roof!

The evening took a little turn for the worse when a friend "got sick". So I spent a couple of hours helping him out and took him home and put him to bed. That's what friends do. Fortunately, a hottie I've been flirting with for months now helped lift my spirits and provided a VERY HOT end to the eveni Ang.s the sun rose, he went on his way with a piece of fresh baked apple pie (hey... I'm a giver!) and a smile on his face. The perfect end to a great weekend!

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Frank said...

Sounds like you had fun there in Ft Lauderdale even though I know your heart was set on Southern Decadence.Manny Lehman and Tracy Young are two DJs that I admire.In fact Manny was in San Francisco for the "Twisted" club event that clearly was the place to be at last Sunday.Oh well you win some,you lose some but in your case someone lifted more than your spirits LOL