Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back from San Francisco

Me in my black latex Bound Gods attire.

I took the "red eye" home from San Francisco and went straight to work today. Actually I was 2 hours late, but considering the overtime I do without getting paid, no one is going to say anything.

The Bound Gods Premiere Party was a lot of fun. I got to hang out with Steve Cruz, Wolf Hudson, Van Darkholme, Sister Roma, Dominic Pacifico, Kris Weston, Dak Ramsey and so many other porn personalities. I'll write about it and post pictures as soon as I download them from my camera.

The Bound Gods shoot I did with sexy CJ went GREAT! Upside down suspension, wax torture, flogging and fucking and sucking... It's all in a day's work! Here are some pictures I took with my iPhone during the shoot.
CJ being tied up by Director/Bondage Master, Van Darkholme.
CJ waiting for his wax torture.
CJ ready to be fucked. What a beautiful ass!

After a day of shooting I had dinner with my friend Bo Matthews (we were in the Link: The Evolution movie together) and then it was off to the airport. I was going to try to grab some shut eye on the flight home, but I didn't sleep for a second. This really annoying and insane little person WOULD NOT STOP TALKING! Her screeching voice was so loud that I could even hear it with my iPod at the highest volume. She didn't shut up for a minute! I took some pictures of her so that I could warn others about her. If you see the woman in the photo below... RUN!!! She is the most annoyingly horrible, little person I have ever been around.
Horribly annoying little lady on the plane.


Frank said...

Can't wait to see what you will be wearing for Folsom Street Fair.It looks like you had fun at the Bound Gods premiere party and wow the shoot looks hot.CJ has a beautiful ass!
Hahaha hope that annoying little lady doesn't read your blog.

Y said...

I`m with Frank,the shots look very hot,Nick!!
Have fun at Folsom!