Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bad Head

So... I have a photo shoot with Sylvester Q tonight because he wants to use me for a show that he is having at this club called Score this weekend. I won't be able to attend the show because I'll be in San Francisco. Wouldn't you know that I would bend down to get the protein powder from the bottom cabinet and bang my head really, really hard on the marble counter this morning.

There was a sickening "Crack!" sound and a disturbingly hollow "Thud". I now have a big goose egg that is rapidly turning black & blue on my forehead. (See above photo.) Just in time for my appearance at the Kink.com/Bound Gods premiere party and my shoot with them.

Do you think maybe they will go with a Klingon theme? You know... the bumps on the forehead thing. Maybe there is a fetish for that! I would need a couple of more bumps for that, so maybe I can fall down the stairs on my way out of the office today, or slam the door to my truck on my head as I am getting in it.



It is now 2:30pm and when I went to look at my head in the bathroom this is what I see.
I think we may have to go with a Unicorn theme or maybe just the old paper bag over the head. That's a hot look.



Frank said...

Ouch is all I can say.
I'm glad that you didn't suffer a head concussion.
Keep me posted ok?

Y said...

Get better quick,Nick!Hope you don`t hurt too much.