Thursday, September 25, 2008


The story is true... During the last day of production of Steve Cruz's directorial debut movie, Blue Movie, the LAPD busted in an shut down production!!!

I had just finished my photo shoot with the great Joe Oppedisno and Dillon Buck and newcomer Colton Steele were taking a break from filming. Two men came to the door identified themselves as LAPD and started asking for Steve Cruz and some others. I look over and there is Dillon Buck with a huge hard-on. This is NOT going to be good, I thought. I quietly made my way out the door as they were collecting IDs and asking questions. I'm a Brooklyn boy. I know that when the cops bust up a party... it's time to leave!

It seems an annonymous (asshole) caller tipped the cops off about some missing permits needed to film. Rumor has it it's some bitter, has-been ex-employee. Beats me. All I know is it's gonna cost Steve & Mustang some extra bucks because they have to fly out the models and reshoot the scene this weekend in San Francisco.

A couple of hours later, the cast and crew were gathered at Chili's coloring in chili peppers for charity and sipping on margaritas and it was obvious that Steve Cruz was not upset about the whole ordeal. He was looking at the bright side... This is going to generate some pretty good publicity for his movie!

And, since this is my blog, I need to mention that my scene with Nick Piston was HOT AS HELL!!! By far my favorite scene ever! How could it not be with him? We practically devoured each other. This is one scene I a VERY proud of. Many, many thanks to Steve Cruz and Leif Gobo for the chance to work for Mustang and their GREAT directing!!!

I've got some cool photos from the set that I'll post as soon as I get home. (I'm doing this post from my iPhone and I don't think I can post photos from there.)

Next up for me is my live performance for Bound Gods at the Folsom Street Fair followed by another shoot with them before I head home. Life is GOOD!


Frank said...

You got out just in the nick of time LOL
I'll see you at Folsom Street Fair this weekend.You have to tell me more about your scene with Nick Piston:)

Y said...

Oh Nick you def got my attention!Can`t wait to see that scene.
Sorry to hear about that annoying story with the cops.