Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm gonna be beat!

Hanging at the Bound Gods/ party.

In a couple of hours I'll be flying to LA to film with Mustang for Steve Cruz's directorial debut movie, "Blue Movie". I SO FREAKIN PSYCHED! I finally got a chance to actually hang out with Steve last week when I was in San Francisco filming with Bound Gods again. Before that we've only chatted briefly at parties. And he is just as cool (and SEXY!!!) as I thought he would be. I know working for him is going to be a great and rewarding experience. As an added bonus I am shooting with Joe Oppedisano on Tuesday. I am a HUGE fan of his work and can't wait to see what he does with me.

I was supposed to fly back to Fort Lauderdale Wednesday, land at 11:45pm and get back on a plane to San Francisco the next morning at 6:15am, but memories of the evil little annoying woman from my last flight talked me out of it. Now I'm going to fly directly to San Fran from Los Angeles. That gives me a day to relax and hang with my friend Bo Matthews before friends arrive for Folsom festivities.

When Van Darkholme heard I was going to be in town again for Folsom he asked if I would shoot with them again. Of course, I said "YES!" I love working with those guys. He also asked if I would do a live show with him during the Folsom Street Fair. Rumor has it I will be bound and flogged. Rumor also has it I may be wearing pretty much nothing. Should be interesting, to say the least. It seems like an Xtube moment to me!

If you run into me at one of the Folsom parties or the Street Fair, please say "Hi" to me! I don't bite. Or at least you can't prove it... YET! ;-)

I had to share this photo taken when I was in San Fran last week. I wonder what she would agree if she read the message on the wall of the port-o-john at the Eagle. Check out the photo below.


Y said...

I`m so glad you`ll be in Steve`s Blue movie and I`m dying to see your pics made by Joe Oppedisano!!

Have fun in LA and all other destinations:)

Frank said...

I promise to stop by and say hi if I see you at any of the Folsom parties or the street fair.Bo Matthews is a sweetheart,give him a big hug from me:)