Monday, October 26, 2009

It's The Not So Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!

I'm in between flights on my way home from San Francisco and have a minute to post so I wanted to share my experience at The Eagle bar yesterday.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence were holding a pumpkin butt painting contest to raise money for charity. (When aren't those dirty angels raising money for charity?) Sister Roma was hosting it and they asked me to participate. Hey, it was for a good cause and you know I will take any opportunity I can get to be naked in public. (I'm classy like that.)

So I downed a couple of beers and jumped up on stage. They picked the winning raffle tickets, called the winners up on stage, and handed them some paint and a brush. I have to admit that having your ass painted feels pretty fucking good! I highly recommend trying it if the opportunity ever presents itself.

There was a really pretty girl with an awesome body and a beautiful, smooth, smooth, perky, little ass being painted on my left, and a big, hot boy with a big, HOT ass to my right. I wanted to drop to my knees, spread his ample cheeks, and finish painting his butthole with my tongue. Of course his pumpkin butt won. There was no way it could not.

What an awesome time! Sometimes you just have to just hold back your fear, jump right up on that stage, and pull your pants down. You only live once!

(I'm the second from the left in the picture above,sandwiched between the cute chick and the HOT guy.)

THANKS to Doug from Unnatural Devotions for pointing me towards the Lavender Lounge video of the event and THANKS to Lavender Lounge for the photo... which I "borrowed" from their site.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a perfect Halloweeny contest to me!

Doug said...

have you seen the video? I posted it on my blog.(

blacknoon said...

This is just too cute. I love it. And yeah, I see you checking out the girl and you weren't looking at her butt!

Enjoy life when you can and take care!

Doug said...

you're welcome, Nick