Thursday, October 8, 2009

FINALLY... Photos from my Folsom Trip

Here are some photos from my recent trip to San Francisco and the Folsom Street Fair. Hope you like!

First up, some photos from the booth.
I love me some Race Cooper. So glad to be able to call him a friend. (Oh... and he's HOT as fuck too!)

Did I mention I have a MAD PORN CRUSH on Drake Jaden? Please Santa... can I have him for Christmas?

Spencer Reed, Mellisa and Jason Miller backstage at the booth.

It's always awesome to get to hang with Wolf Hudson.

After the two live shows I made my way down towards the Pantheon booth to work with those guys for a while.
I was psyched to see Tony Buff. I want to work with this hot bad boy SO MUCH!!!

I also got to run into my good friend Josh West. Damn do I miss him back at home. LOVE YOU JOSH!

Titan Exclusive, JR Matthews, was EVERYWHERE this week. And he had that bullwhip around him whenever I saw him. Hell... he's so beautiful he can hold whatever he wants.

Race Cooper and Dak Ramsey were playing dirty at the Twister booth. Does Coop actually EVER stop working?

Finally made it to the Pantheon Booth.

The Pantheon guys were awesome to hang out with. Here I am with Paul Stag and Brock Packard. Paul's dick is HUGE and UNCUT! Not that I like that sort or thing or anything.

Things at the booth got out of control quickly once I got there.

Rumor has it that the police may have shown up to break up some of what was going on. All I know is, even though photos may seem to lead to that conclusion, no one actually got fucked.

Night times were spent hanging at dinner and drinks with friends.

Great friend Arron, Ethan Wolfe and his man Will hanging at a birthday party at The Lookout bar.

One last dinner with my friend Josh West before he moves back home. Luke Riley showed up to make the night even better. Been a while since I've seen that boy.

A fan pulled me up from my table at lunch and took this photo with me. As hot as he is, do you think I mind?

Lucky for me, my last day in San Francisco happened to be the day they held the Castro Street Fair!

How much is that porn star in the window? Dominic Pacifico was working the crowd at the fair from the window of the 440 bar. I finally got a chance to hang out with him during this trip and, I have to say, he is an awesome guy! Hope to get the chance to spend more time with him in the future.
Spencer Reed, Mellisa, and Jason Miller


Leatherpigboy said...

Awesome pics buddy thanks for sharing looks like you had a really great time!

Anonymous said...

Awesome post! I made a post of it too! :)

Dave said...

You guys were so hot at Folsom! Was that Drake Jaden I saw you with at the 440 after the Castro Street Fair last Sunday?

Stan said...

Great pics Nick. Makes those of us who weren't there wish so much we were......again.

Anonymous said...

Hot pics, I have GOT to makr it to SF one year for Folsom, looks awesome

wdavi said...

The photos are great! Who knew work could be such fun!!

Jambrea said...

Nice! It looks like you had a blast!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit confused with porn stars that say they have a porn 'crush' on a performer and always say they'd like to work with them sometime--Why don't you just fuck them if your so inclined to, you don't need work to be an excuse you know!?! lol.

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Anonymous said...

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Dwight Supremacy said...

Awesome! Yep, definitely makes me wish I made it out for Folsom. Next year! (Love your Pantheon work by the way. Grrr, Tim Kelly!)