Sunday, October 4, 2009

Incident at the Armory


I originally posted this a few days ago without thinking about what negative things could result from it. After receiving many, many calls and emails from expressing deep concern about my well being, I realized what a very serious event it truly was for them.

Although what I posted was completely true, it contained information that I probably should not have shared. Like... ummm... HOW TO BREAK INTO THE BUILDING! Ugh. I'm such an idiot sometimes.

So I took the post down IMMEDIATELY and I thanked the guys at profusely for thier concern, assured them I was completely fine, and apologized for the thrilling but careless blog post that I did. They didn't ask me to take the post down or modify it... but I thought it was the best thing to do.

In the end it was really just a very small incident for me. No one even raised their voices and there wasn't even any confrontation. It was just a minor, fucked-up situation. I was and still do feel completely comfortable and safe staying there when I shoot.

The management at filled me in on the EXTREME efforts that they have made to increase security on the building... and let me tell you, they went all out! No one will be breaking into there again. And the security measures they have put inside the building are very, very impressive. They really took immediate and serious action. Concern for their models well-being has always been very evident and that is why they are absolutely my favorite company to work for!

Oh... and THANK YOU to EVERYONE who left comments or sent emails of concern about me!

Anyway, here is a modified version of the original post...

Something really fucked up happened yesterday.

While I'm out here working with for Bound Gods I'm staying at the Armory building that they bought a couple of years ago. I stay here often and I really like it. It's HUGE and very intimidating. Picture a building that's part castle, part prison, part institution, and all dungeon. It even has a couple of sub-basements with the lower one having an actual river running through it with a boat dock. I swear!

There is a small "Model's Wing" with a few rooms, a lounge and army style, shared bathroom. Nothing fancy at all. Models coming from out of town usually will stay the night of their shoot before they fly home in the morning. In the beginning it was intimidating and a bit scary staying here and many nights it is just a security guard at the front desk on the first floor, two cats, and me.

Yesterday I woke up at about 11:00am after a night of drinks and fun with friends, stumbled down the long, cold hallways to the bathroom, and was startled when another model suddenly popped up in front of me. He had long, savage looking hair, an insanely lean and ripped up body, and wild looking eyes. He immediately asked me if I knew where the hot tub was. My first thought was, "Ummm... I didn't know anyone else was staying here." My second thought was, "Damn... this guys looks like a total freak!"

I told him I thought it was on the first floor near the woman's wrestling set but I wasn't sure. He started talking in a very calm, almost musical voice. He said he was here to do a shoot for some "Big booty site" that he couldn't remember the name of. He liked big black women with big black booties. He went on to tell how he's part Filipino, part Native American Indian, how he never did this kind of thing before, and how he was really looking forward to it.

Then the conversation went in a different direction. He started talking about Adam and Eve and their fall from grace. How Adam has "AM" in his name and Eve is "EVE". How they were punished for looking at her "figure"... "FIG"... like the fig leaves they were forced to wear forever. He went on and on with all of these insane, vauge, connections and I was thinking... "Oh my fucking God... It's Charles Manson!"

He kept talking while we walked back to my room and I tried to make him feel as comfortable as possible. When we got back to my door he told me he was staying n the room next door. I know for a fact that there was no one staying there. I guess he trusted me at that point because he then said. "I'm here to work... but they don't know I'm here. I broke into the building last night." Then he picked up a paper that had some insane looking writing scribbled on it and held it out to me. "I made up this letter saying that I am working here so that they know I am working here and don't get in trouble."

FUCK! this is BAD!!!

I told him that that was a very strange approach to get work with the company and asked him why he just didn't wring the bell at the front door and fill out an application like everyone else does. He said he already had the job so he didn't have to. I then pointed to one of the cameras that was mounted in the corner near the ceiling and told him how he was being watched by security guards the whole time. Again, it was OK because he had the letter and he was working here.

After a couple of minutes more of insane conversation I told him I needed to get back to sleep since I was still beat from a late night out the previous night. I also told him it might be a good idea if broke back out of the building and went around to the front door and applied for a job like everyone else does.

I locked the door of my room behind me and secured the chain reinforcement. I could hear that he hadn't moved. He was still outside my door. FUCK! What do I do now? This guy was definitely a loonie. I mean, who breaks into a building with more bondage and torture devices in one place than anywhere else? And have you seen some of the models who work for their websites? They will FUCK YOU UP if you mess with them.

I didn't want there to be any big, violent confrontation and I didn't want to be in the middle of it if that's the way this whole thing went. I picked up the "Model's Guidebook" and found the number for the security desk. But I couldn't just pick up my cell phone and call them because he would surely hear my conversation with them. So instead, I texted all of my friends. "PLEASE HELP ME!!!" I told them the situation, and that I was locked in my room with this psycho right outside, and I gave them the number to the security desk to tell them to come handle the situation. I also told them not to call me back, but to text me, because I didn't want crazy to hear me talking to anyone. Then I waited.

A short while later I heard some footsteps coming down one of the long, cold hallways and then someone shout, "Hey you! Where are you going?" There was more shouting and then the voices trailed away. I got my stuff together and got ready to leave the building.

When I got to the front door there were a couple of people there including the security guard. They were still waiting for the police to get there. They showed up and had the crazy intruder with them. They asked me to wait so I could give my account of what happened. All the while the psycho was telling them how he was there to work and answering all their questions like he was really innocent. First he had his passport and papers proving that he worked there. Then he told them they had been stolen from his room. He told them he had come in the front door the night before and they knew he was there. He went on, and on, and on... all in a very calm, charming, and musical voice.

I finally got to leave and went to meet my friend Arron for lunch. It was then that the seriousness of the whole situation kicked in. DAMN! That could have went really badly! I mean, I was alone with this psycho in the Armory building. A building filled with more bondage and extreme torture devices than anywhere else in the world. If this had gone the other way, this could have been the stuff that horror movies are made of!

A couple of hours later I was fairly calm and relaxed again but I still needed to do something to make me laugh and feel care-free again. I remembered that a double feature of the movies "Toy Story 1" and "Toy Story 2", both in 3D had started at The Castro Theater the night before. So I walked over to the theater, bought a HUGE bag of popcorn with extra butter and a VERY large Cherry Coke, and had a fun time watching the movies, surrounded by laughing children and adults. Thank God this whole thing turned out the way it did.

Here are some photos of The Armory in San Francisco so you can see what I'm talking about.
And here is the way I bought some light back into a dark day...


Stan said...

All I can say Nick is "welcome to San Francisco!" That city as beautiful as I think it is sure has it's fill of crazies. I remember driving or walking past the Armory back in 1976 when it was closed as an armory and the National Guard moved its facilities to Fort Funston. It's a foreboding looking building with a castle-like appearance in a Moorish Revival style. I'm glad you were not harmed but are you still staying there?

Pick said...

Well now Nick, I wouldn't mind being trapped in the Armory with you and some of those torture devices as long as you had the upper hand. lol

Man, so glad you're ok after that weird experience ... scary shit!

Doug said...

Seriously, Nick, you need to write a book. You write the best blogs out there. Glad you're okay. That is one spooky place.

(Men)O(Rama) said...

It reads like a horror novel; the one in which you'd expect body parts being retreived from various corners in that building, at the end of the day! I've had my share of freaks to deal with, so the whole thing came to me in a clear vision: as if looking at the movie version of it! So glad you came out allright! That 'Doug'-guy has a point: you write very good, maybe you should consider it sometime? Take care, big hug, Alexander

Anonymous said...

LOL I shouldn't laugh but NIck.... This sounds like any given day I have at the psych ward...... I'm always fending off psychos, though mind you, they're not normally climbing through windows at me.... He sounds like a text Bipolar........

blacknoon said...

I'm so glad you're okay. You made the right choice to play along. I wonder though if you had went along a little more by coaxing the guy into one of the dungeons and see if he would let you tie him up, you could have done so in such a way he couldn't get out and then called security.

Perhaps you should include self defense lessons along with gym workouts to your daily activities.

I personally know how you felt. When I was 12 I had a paper route and was stalked by what I believe was the perpetrader in the unsolved cold case serial killings known as the Oakland Child Serial Killer (1976-1977). Each time I moved my bike the creep would inch his car up, a blue Gremlin, and just glare at me with pure hatred on his face. I tried to get help by ringing door bells and knocking on peoples doors while I looked like I was having 'trouble' getting the paper to stay between the doors. This went on for for several houses and nobody, not ANYBODY EVER CAME to answer the door or at least look. This was after at least three (I'm not sure whether it was before or after the last victim Timmothy King was found dead that this happpened) that this would happen. I was hoping and praying that someone would at least look out their window and see the blue Gramlin driving and parking on the wrong side of the road as it followed me down the block and call the police. That never happened.

I found the car about 8-12 weeks later in a house that everyone thought was abandoned. Well kept, but appeared that no one had lived in it for years according to some of the testimonials I got from the neighbors.

I never told the police about where I found that car intil about 15 years ago. I try from time to time but each time something happens and I can never seem to get my story out. I have through city records, the person's name and address.

One thing I seriously learned from this, never turn your back on evil and aways stand your ground for the bad guys have no respect for you and will always take advantage of any civility on your part.

Take care and thank goodness for gaurdian angels!


DAME IT! another play to abduct you ruined! heads will roll! seriously... im glad you're ok. that place reminds me of the SAW movies... i would have freaked out for sure!

lilla katt said...

I too have had a spooky experience at the Armory... Stayed over on a saturday night once. Got up sunday morning and was wandering around. There's no one there at all on sundays, aside from the security guard. Was walking down a hallway and suddenly someone called out to me from a darkened room. I froze, not sure what to do... and then all of a sudden out pops Peter Acworth's mum! Scared the hell out of me but she's such a sweet lady. I was lucky. Sounds like you handled the situation really well and I'm glad to know you made it out ok.

Dia Zerva said...

Nick, I have goosebumps and I am in Las Vegas. You handled the situation so well and this is a reminder to always be careful no matter what. Thankyou for sharing your story and happy you got to take in a double feature of really happy movies. Cheers and wishing you continued success! Dia

Jambrea said...

Totally freakin' crazy! I'm glad you're safe. Maybe next time you should take a buddy to room with! lol

Stan said...

When I saw the orginal post "disappear" I figured it got taken down for the reasons you give. It was a wise decision and I'm glad everything got straighten out. Sounds like is on top of things. I hope your shoot is going well.

Anonymous said...

That is fucking lame of put you up in that shit hole while your working for them, those cheap bastards!

Nick Moretti said...

It is actually very, very cool to stay at the Armory while working for It's actually an amazing opportunity since so many people are dying to get inside the building and see what it's like. There is so much urban legend about the Armory and what goes on it there. And they treat you really, really well when you work with them. No complaints here!

Anonymous said...

yea, says the guy on the payroll! lol.

Nick Moretti said...

OK Anonymous, you are a little too smart for your own good. LOL. :-)