Tuesday, October 13, 2009

God am I cheap!

I know I'm unemployed and trying to make money where I can but I just want to dispel the rumor that I am hocking my wares on ebay!

Someone was kind enough to tip me off that there is copy of the Bear Party Magazine with yours truly on the cover for sale on Ebay. So, of course, I signed on to the site and found that it was going for 49¢. 49¢? Damn that could put a dent in a guy's confidence!

I just checked back before making this post and it is actually up to $3.25 (plus $2.04 for shipping). Actually, that's not bad considering it's a FREE magazine. HERE is a link to the ebay auction if you are interested in checking it out.

This has started me thinking again about maybe selling my own stuff on my website. Like autographed posters and photos, well-used jock straps (that phrase ALWAYS gives me a stiffy), body fluids (OK... I know I crossed the line with that one!). I think it's time to do some research on the subject while I have the time. It could bring in a couple of extra bucks to help me over this rough patch and some fan with a couple of bucks could be heading to bed with one of my well-used jocks covering their face. (There goes that stiffy again!)


blacknoon said...


I always said you should try selling some photos of yourself. Folsom would have been a great avenue to do that but it's over for this year.

Best of luck!

Nick Moretti said...

A booth at Folsom is NOT cheap. In fact, many of the BIG porn companies don't even have booths there anymore. No way that would have been a money making event for me. Actually, I did make some pretty good money with the live shows and working the Pantheon booth.

wdavi said...

Fabulous! You are now a collectable! Current bidding, when I checked was up to $5.50. This is something you should definitely explore getting into.

Jambrea said...

I've heard of other porn stars selling worn underware and jocks so I say go for it. :) Good luck!

Signed pictures are also a great thing for you to sell!! :)

blacknoon said...


Who said you have to have your own booth? Could you not work out a deal with kink and/or Pantheon to sell your stuff. And if not, get with other models and get your own booth and have your own live show and split the funds among yourselves. And don't forget business cards!

And one last thing, are you ever going to update your other site? It's getting really boring.

Nick Moretti said...

Sorry my website is boring you. LOL!!!
I am actually in the process of adding some new photo galleries and some new videos. I have already updated the banner on the top with the awesome photos that Brian at Bubbaclick took of me. It's A LOT OF WORK! I am working on it though.
I am committed to updating this blog regularly and I hope it doesn't bore you. ;-)

blacknoon said...

No your blog is NOT BORING! Acutally, it's kind of soap opera like but better because I never know when the next 'episode' is comming so I tune in regularly.

I got my co-worker hooked on it. She's too embarrassed to take a peek herself not to mention her live in boyfriend is a pro boxer and would have a really BIG FIT if he ever caught her checking you out. Oh well, why drool over something you can never have. I assuming you never do girls ;^) Which does beg the question, have you ever? Out of curoisity, what do you think about girls? You never say anything on your blog.

Please excuse me if it seems I'm poking into a too personal space.
Sorry to hear about the birdies!


Nick Moretti said...

Damn, you really can dig for the dirt!
What do I think of girls?
I dated girls when I was younger and had one girlfriend for quite a few years. We were actually heading down the path to marriage but I knew that wouldn't be fair to her and would hurt both of us in the long run. She's one of the first people I told that I was gay... even before I ever had a sexual experience with another guy. I would never have cheated on her or betrayed her like that. I loved her as much as I have ever loved a man and I still love her today and look forward when we get to see each other and talk. The attraction is still there.

Now days I don't date woman or sleep with them anymore. But I have been known to make out for hours with a girl at a dance club or bar. Hot is hot and attraction is attraction whether you have a cock or not. And I wouldn't rule out ever sleeping with a woman again either.

Happy now? LOL