Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Orleans: Land of the tweakers

I've been to New Orleans a bunch of times in the past and have always had such a GREAT TIME! This time was different though. This time I went to scout for models and film a movie. I was shocked and disappointed to find that almost everyone that I met was tweaked out on drugs. Especially sad that so many of the guys were very, very young.

Just to give you an idea of how hard it was to try to get ANY work done there...

My top 3 favorite things said by potential models in New Orleans who were tweaked out of their mind...

#3. "Can I have another one of your business cards. The number on the one you gave me last night didn't work."

#2. (After being asked if he's doing drugs right now) "No, but I will stop by and get some on the way to the shoot."

#1. (After being asked on Sun night if he wanted to shoot on Mon, Tues, or Wed) "I doesn't matter to me. My dealer just smoked me out and I should be awake through Thursday."

Obviously none of these winners filmed with us.

But there were good times in New Orleans. Hanging out with Damon Dogg is awesome. He is such a chill and fun guy and where he goes trouble follows shortly behind. I need some trouble in my life now and then. And we met two AWESOME guys Eric (the guy in the photo above with the black tank top and cool arm tattoos) and Daryl (the guy with the green shirt in the photo below) that I know will be friends for a long time to come. Eric helped us navigate through the sea of messy tweakers that is New Orleans, and David was a sweet and awesome guy who reminded up that there are real nice people around us. Thanks to both you guys for helping us during a challenging week!

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