Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Up Yours!

So last weekend was Dore Alley Weekend. After weeks of traveling and filming I came home to this craziness. Well... Friday, I filmed with Tom Ropes McGurk again. I LOVE filming for him. What an awesome shoot. It helped that it was with one of my favorite porn models ever... DJ. We worked together as performers at on Bound Gods and Bound in Public and I've directed him for Naked Kombat as well. But I have to say that this was my favorite time working with him. Maybe it was because the horrible, negative, overbearing, and abusive shadow that was previously there was gone, and it was just him and I doing what we both know how to do. Or maybe it was because I am finally over the trauma that I suffered while working with the Vandouchebag that I just eluded to and I'm feeling confident, secure, and alive! Whatever the reason... this was a shoot that I am very, very proud of.

Saturday night I went to the Bay of Pigs party. It's half dance party, half sex party, and all fun. Let's just say I participated fully.

Sunday I worked at the Factory Video, Bareback RT and Cumunion booths at the Up Your Alley Fair. Did I have fun? Ummm... just look at the photos below and you tell me. I hung with Damon Dogg most of the time and you know by now that where Damon goes... trouble follows. Check out this Xtube video to see what I mean. I didn't even know what was going on behind my back! (That happens a lot actually. LOL) Check out the video by clicking here: Dore Alley 2012 and look for the 1 minute mark to see what I am talking about. You are CRAZY Damon Dogg!


Taopuppy said...

It looks like you had a fucking great time. I really wish I could have gone to Dore this year. I'm glad you're so happy because it shows in your work.

KevinK said...

I am glad you are feeling good, satisfied, happy and healthy. In your past posts I was disheartened to learn that things fell apart at Kink. You were so good there before and behind the camera and it is disillusioning to find out a studio I like doesn't live up to all expectations. Hope your new job is much much better.

tanksmom said...

Looks like you had a awesome time! Don't work to hard. Remember to have lots of fun too! Keep up the HOT work :-)