Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Treat me right

My birthday is coming up on Friday so I decided to treat myself to a couple of things to brighten up my life.

First, I finally finished painting my bedroom and I are really happy with it! I did a dark chocolate accent wall with the other walls being a lighter beige. It looked so good that I had to go out and buy a new comforter, sheets and pillows to replace the ghetto fabulous cheap-ass one's I had. This one looks awesome (I think) but I gotta warn you it's microfiber. What can I say? I'm from Brooklyn and we have a thing for velour. Microfiber is as close as it gets these days. (Thank God!) LOL

I also bought myself tickets to see "American Idiot" at the Orpheum Theater on Thursday night. I've love the music of Green Day and I've heard it's a pretty good play. Of course, when I bought the tickets a while back I bought two. Thinking I was going to be going with my boyfriend. But that is no more and I was left with an extra ticket. I can't tell you how many times I've had two tickets to a show or concert and a "friend" has offered last minute to go with me. Problem is they never even offer to pay for the ticket. Or even buy me dinner or a drink that night. After the 100th time it feels more than a little disrespectful. So this time I did a post on Facebook and asked if anyone was interested in buying the ticket and going with me. Someone I chat with regularly on Facebook and have never met said he would like to join me. Awesome! Should be a great evening with a new friend.

No plans yet for my birthday. I'll probably go to the movies like I did last year and maybe out to a nice dinner. I've been really happy and peaceful lately and I think it's gonna be a good birthday and a great year!

Happy at my desk at my new job as Director at job at Factory Videos Inc.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Nick!
I've watched and enjoyed your work but just came across your blog just now. I guess it's better late than never. I know how it feels when your supposed "friends" take advantage of your kindness. Enjoy the show and have an awesome birthday!

Jim said...

Well, first of all, Happy Birthday in advance. Also, the room looks great and very inviting. And, I like the glasses :)

Daviduk said...

Happy birthday and thank you for giving us the present of seeing your very stylish bedroom - now if you could take a snap of you muscled furry self lying accross it on the velour it would make us even happier!

Butch 57 said...

Happy birthday! Its mine too on friday

nobounds said...

So envious of the bedroom... Looks great! :D

Sam said...

Happy birthday, Nick! May you long treat us with hot scenes!

Sam ;)

Indigo said...

Happy Birthday, Handsome!
-Michael M.
July 6

Indigo said...

Happy Birthday, Handsome!
July 6

Stan said...

The bedroom looks great! I just moved and need to do something with mine.