Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Save a horse... ride Chad Brock!

Attention cowboys... there's a brand spankin' new video over there at the Lavender Lounge featuring sexy urban cowboy wannabe Chad Brock and none other than yours truly... Nick Moretti!

Chad and I showed up for the shoot and the director handed us a kiddie cowboy hat and a bandana and said, "Have fun!" What the fuck? That director is crazier than a loon. Even though Chad loves country music and line dancing, he's a city boy straight out of Chicago. And I'm a guido from Bensonhurst Brooklyn in New York... Saturday Night Fever territory. Cowboys? This was gonna be a hoot.

Then a light bulb went off inside my twisted little head. I reached inside my knapsack and pulled out some bondage rope (doesn't everyone carry around bondage rope?). Quicker than a jack rabbit, I had Chad tied up and looking purdy as a school girl on prom night in his blue bandana and silly little cowboy hat. Gotta say my simple rope work is not too shabby either. Just goes to show... you don't have to be Asian to tie a purdy knot.

Things went downhill from there right quick. At least for Chad. I forced my big semi-cut cock down his throat, tortured his cock and balls, rammed my tongue deep into his cowboy bunghole and then fucked him till the cows came home. OK... there were no cows, but there was lots of fresh cream... straight from my dick!

You can check out this scene on Lavender Lounge by clicking here.
Hope ya'll enjoy it as much as I did filming it.

Click here to see a free preview of this video.


tanksmom said...

Ok Nick had something I wanted to share with you. We were changing shifts at work and always talk about odd things, so one of my co-workers started to sing Macho Man and for some reason you popped into my head.I came home and down loaded the song along with a few other village people songs onto my phone. But every time Macho Man comes on I smile and if i close my eyes I see you dancing to it!Every need a blog video idea there you go! :-) Brings a smile to my face hope it does you too! have a awesome day!

{jeff edmondson} said...

Nick doesn't dance, apparently. Says he dances like a gay robot monkey. And that's a quote. :)