Thursday, May 24, 2012

Butt Machine Boys is finally back!

I'm very happy to announce that the new Butt Machine Boys videos that I directed are finally being released on the site! The first two (one with Blake Daniels and one with Chad Brock) were released a couple of months ago and then nothing. Now has decided to release a new one once a month.

This new video feature ginger-hottie Sebastian Keys. There is also a new character in the world of Butt Machines. He's an ass freak in a black gimp suit. Can you guess who that is? Ya, it's me. Besides directing, I needed to be involved on camera in some of the shoots. But I didn't want the shoots to be about me like some directors who constantly insert themselves into their shoots. So the gimp was born. He's really creepy and even scares me a little.

Here is the synopsis for this month's new Butt Machine Boys video...

"Sebastian Keys wakes up tied to a bed in a deep dungeon. Before he knows where he is or who put him there a masked stranger eats his ass and dildo fucks him. Next the annihilator fucks his ass hard as the masked stranger works the controls. Even though he doesn't know the man who's taken him Sebastian doesn't want to leave and is given a reward fuck by his favorite machine and shoots his load all over it."

I hope you guys enjoy the new video as much as I enjoyed directing it!

Click here to see a FREE PREVIEW of this new Butt Machine Boys Video.

Click here to see a FREE PREVIEW.


Anonymous said...

yay :) I missed butt machine boys.

Anonymous said...

and hope to see you on bound gods soon miss you on there.

PDQ said...

Nick - of all the existing ButtMachine Boys videos (including the ones before Kink took them over), which are your top 3 favorites that make your cock rock hard every time you watch them?

Nick Moretti said...

PDQ... Wow, that's a good question. My favorite Butt Machine Boys Video is "The Leather Biker" with Luke Riley. That boy still gets my juices flowing hard even after all these years.
I also like "A Businessman and His Toys" with Bandon Monroe.
My third choice would be "Leather Daddy Nick Moretti" featuring me! Not that I stay home and jack off to myself on video (cause I don't) but because it was so out of my comfort zone and I really have some good memories from the shoot.