Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Getting fucked in a Dark Alley in New York

Me sucking Derrick Hanson's cock before he fucks the hell out of me.
I just got back from New York City where I filmed for the first time with Dark Alley Media. That wasn't the only first this weekend. It was also my first time being a really trashy pig bottom. Yup! Derrick Hanson kinda wrecked my hole (and Brandon Hawk's cock magically appeared for me to have something to bite down on while I was getting pounded). HOT. That's about all I can say about that.

The next day I filmed another scene for Dark Alley Media. This time with Antonio Biaggi, Luca Bondi, Derrick Hanson, and Patrick OConner. This time it was Patrick's hole that got totally annihilated. By the time we were done he had cum dripping out of his hole, covering his chest and face, and he even had an eye full of cum courtesy of Luca Bondi (Ya, his eye was all read and swelled shut).

Here is a video of all of us showering after the gang-bang shoot was done. Holy fuck those are some of the biggest cocks I have ever seen!!! And I've seen a lot of cocks. Hope you enjoy the video and the other photos I posted.

CLICK HERE to see a video of all of us naked, hard, and kidding around on the set.

Antonio Biaggi with clothes at dinner after our shoot.

Antonio Biaggi with his HUGE cock during our shoot.
Ummm... Ya, my dick isn't as big as Antonio's, but it's nothing to sneeze at!
Patrick O'Conner was the gang-bang bottom for the shoot. All I can say is... OUCH!!!

I've know Derrick for a long time but we've never filmed together. He did me good!
It was so awesome staying in Times Square in New York City. The hotel was probably
the best hotel I have ever stayed at. THANK YOU Dark Alley Media!

CLICK HERE to see a video of us naked, hard, and kidding around on the set.

Oh ya... I almost forgot about my Hot House Club Inferno fisting shoot I did on Friday
before I left for New York. It was with hunky ginger hottie Brock Rustin.
Dr. Moretti was in the house... and in the hole!

CLICK HERE to see a video of all of us naked, hard, and kidding around on the set.


Stan said...

HOT video of all you guys with hard ons!
I haven't been fucked in a dark alley in NYC since the late 70's. Lucky you!
Antonio Biaggi is truly a great talent. That cock of his is unbelievable!

nobounds said...

Love to see you top, but also love to see you bottom ;)Glad you're staying on your feet Nick. *Hugs*