Friday, January 7, 2011

My first time

Yesterday was a very big day for me. It was my first full day of directing Naked Kombat. Up until now I have been directing parts of the video, mostly the "sex round", but yesterday I assumed the role of director from start to finish. Jeez... it's a lot of work and a lot of responsibility! Manage the models, referee the match, manage the film crew, direct the scenes, edit the photos, set up the website, re-edit the video... A LOT OF WORK! But I love it!!!

I was lucky enough to have Gianni Luca to work with yesterday. He's not only beautiful, but he's an awesome performer and very easy to get along with. I had him pretty much hanging upside down for quite a while during the sex scene and he didn't bitch even once. Gotta say he looked awesome with his beautiful dark hair hanging down and his beautiful body all stretched out. YUM!

I also lucked out by having a sexy as fuck newcomer as Gianni's partner yesterday. Adonis was tall, ripped, and had a HUGE dick. I was kind of worried about this being his first time but he was AWESOME! I know he'll be back again.

I would have liked to have celebrated my first official directing job last night, but there was no time for that. I moved into my new place instead. Right now it's just an air mattress and my stuff in garbage bags. But in a week my furniture and stuff will arrive, via very expensive movers, and I will be all set up! I really like my new place and my new landlord. She's a character. I like characters. I'll take some photos of my new place this weekend and do a post with them. For now, here are behind the scene photos of sexy Gianni Luca and studly Adonis, and a photo of my good friend Josh West who just got into town last week for a couple of shoots for Bound in Public and Bound Gods. So glad he's going to be around!

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