Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Falling into place

Things are finally falling into place here... I think.
Probably one of the toughest parts of moving to a new city on the other side of the country and starting a new and challenging career was the withdrawal I was having from my addiction. My Cheeseburger Lean Pocket addiction. I could not find them ANYWHERE!!! But that all ended when my friend Adam was kind enough to take me to a Super Target that carried them. I bought ALL of the ones they had in the freezer section. I'm set... for a week or two.

They delivered my new high-end pillowtop mattress and boxspring yesterday. It is so high off the floor I need to pole vault into it! I know I'm gonna break a hip. And how the hell is Cynder gonna get up there when she moves to San Francisco next month? Guess she'll be strapped to my back as I pole vault into bed for the night.

Been shooting a bunch of Bound in Public videos again. I've posted some photos of the shoot we did Friday in a public bathroom. HOT! And the best part was that my good friend Josh West was the lead Dom for the shoot. He's in San Francisco for a whole week so we've been able to hang out while he's here. Gotta love that guy!

Right now I'm running off to direct Naked Kombat with awesome DJ and sexy 3-balled Niko. Wish me luck!


Bruno Laliberté said...

as i'm looking for a new addiction to replace smoking [...], i'll be looking for that cheeseburger thing-y. it looks/sounds so revolting, must be great!! as for Cynder, just go to your local petshop: they sell those stairs so pets can easily reach where they couldn't otherwise. surely, your realtor can indicate you to one, if not google maps...
i'm just saying.

Pick said...

I've got a thick ... pillow top like that too. You're gonna love it!

Glad to hear Cynder's joining you soon.

keeprnla said...

Glad you're settling in. Sounds everything is falling into place. You look great. Take care.

Anonymous said...

If Cynder needs help getting onto the bed, check out local pet shops for "dog steps." Do a Google Images search on that phrase to see some representative examples.

Stephen said...

Good to read that things are moving in the right direction for you. Congrats on your first time in the director's chair. Those pics are hot.
Be careful with those lean pockets though. Each one contains 810 mg of sodium. The recommended intake per day should not exceed 1500 mg. You don't wanna end up with high blood pressure,

Anonymous said...

omg! i have exactly the same set of bed covers/sheets/shams and pillow covers.. you have a very nice taste! anyways, just wanna let u know that im a big fan of yours and you are my dream husband!!..also have the book "the rizing stars" and read your stuff...hehe..ur a funny guy!..take care nick!.omg it even feels so sureal in a good way that i'm writing to you right now...xoxoxo..

Anonymous said...

omg..i have exactly the same bed covers and pillow cases. u have a very good taste. anyways, im just a big fan of your's dreams for you to be my future husband..hehe...i also read the book the rizing stars and i find you very adorable and funny..take care nick and i love you very much! it is even so surreal in a good way that im writing to u now.. xoxoxo