Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sexual Predator Nabbed!

I had an an awesome Bound in Public shoot yesterday with my good buddy Josh West. We filmed at a house (I secured the location as a new part of my job) in Noe Valley with about 15 other guys. It's basically a police takedown of a child molesting sexual predator. Brenn Wyson was the sub. BRENN WYSON WAS THE SUB!!! That is a HUGE thing. He has only Dommed and topped for and now he plays the role of a gang bang, cum whore bottom bitch. I fucked him with a billy club, a rifle... and my dick. HOT!!! I can't wait to see this one when it's released on Bound in Public.

On a personal note...
The truck with all my stuff from Florida was supposed to arrive today but now it looks like it won't be here till Tuesday... maybe. It better be here on Tuesday because the next day I have available to accept delivery is two weeks from now! I am SO TIRED of living without pots & pans and furniture and... basically everything! All I have right now is a brand new mattress and a 55" TV. Guess that's better than nothing!

My Ex Joe is here for the weekend and we are about to go to the big farmer's market by the ferry building. Been wanting to do that for a while and I finally get a free day. And the weather is actually nice! Hope everyone has an awesome day!


Sue said...

It is about time they got you off of the streets!!! LOL! I hope Cynder isn't on the truck!!! Oh no!

Best of luck!

alleen said...

Glad that you are doing fine. Looking forward to the shoot with Brenn Wyson. But wondering where did Scott Tanner go.

keeprnla said...

What a great idea for a super hero identity. Swooping in and revenging those who have been victimized by others. Let me know if you put on the mask, I've got a couple of names. Glad everything continues to fall into place for you.