Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A time for change...

Hell Ya!
It really is a time for change.

I can't believe that our country actually voted so strongly and decisively for Obama to win the Presidency. They put aside fear and ignorance and put their faith in a promising new beginning. It couldn't have been easy for some people. Change is always difficult. Especially when it goes against everything you've been taught to believe. My hat goes off to every American that put aside their fear and voted with their hearts. That took a chance on a new and foreign beginning. I'm very hopeful that this will be a great new world for all of us.

On a personal note...
Living here in Florida has always been a less than pleasant thing when election time rolls around. Election after election I've watched in horror and disbelief as the unimaginable would happen. We were robbed of our votes and the fate of our nation was left in the hands of people that we did not elect. It made me close off my feelings and keep to myself. I even made a promise to not turn on the TV or listen to the radio on election day. I was going to wake up tomorrow and see what the outcome was. Or at least see what new scandal left our votes in question.

But tonight, surrounded by friends, I watched as it all unfolded. I held my breath and forced myself to not get excited. "Surely, something will happen and it will go the other way." But it didn't. Little by little the dream was coming true. I was getting swept up in the emotions around me. "Don't do it... it always ends in disappointment."

I hung in there and it kept growing and growing. I gave in to it. I let go and took a chance. And it happened! It really happened. Hell... even Florida went for Obama! I never thought I would live to see that.

So America put aside their fears and voted for change. For a new beginning. For the promise of a new and happy direction. Who am I to argue. I have who have been frozen with fear. Afraid of taking a chance on a new beginning. Settling for what I was used to. Sacrificing my happiness and my joy for life. Putting aside my needs and staying below the radar. Keeping my head low for fear of being scolded. Not looking in the mirror for fear that I be told I was being too proud. Not showing emotions for fear of having their motives and sincerity questioned. Keeping my feet grounded for fear of being told I don't deserve to feel uplifted. Not wanting to believe that life could be better. Afraid to take the leap and fly.

It's time for change. It's time to believe that I deserve better. That I have nothing to lose. That the love I put out into the world should come back to me. That the love I put into a partner should be returned equally to me. That I shouldn't be afraid to love and to feel loved. That I deserve to be acknowledge and treated with honesty and respect. That there is love out there and I don't have to feel guilty about wanting it. It's time for change. Hell ya... it's time for change!


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And how's this "change" working out for ya now? ;)