Monday, August 18, 2008

A Fay day with a silver lining

Construction workers are passing back and forth carrying roofing supplies through the door to the rooftop that is next to my desk here at work. Only one of them is hot... but it only takes one! I remarked to one of my coworkers that the hunky worker would probably be more comfortable if he took his shirt off, but he didn't hear me. Hey... I'm just concerned for his well being. Wouldn't want him to overheat. (Like I am watching his bulging biceps as he's carrying large steel beams.)

South Florida is under a tropical storm warning right now and, by the view from my window, it looks like the end of the world is quickly approaching. Hey... another hot worker just passed within inches of me. This one isn't hunky. He's more the dangerous, tattooed, trailer park, bad boy type. (Damn, I must be horny!) So much for getting any work done today.

Crap, the dangerous, trailer boy just came over, called me "sir" and told me he was going to be carrying a huge ladder through my area. "Sir"? That hurt! It's not like he said it in a Master/Slave kind of way. That would have been hot. It was more the way the lady at the perfume counter at Macy's addresses customers who are annoying her. "Excuse me Maam".

That's OK... I'd still do him.

Being the caring company it is, my company has agreed to let us all go at noon today. Coincidentally, the storm is forecasted to get much worse then. I guess that laying off tons of employees the last few months wasn't enough. Now they are sacrificing us to the wrath of Mother Nature. I guess there is no severance package or unemployment claims to deal with in that scenario.

With any luck, I should have the rest of the day off to work on my website, watch "Sheer Genius" and work out my stomach some more. I already worked out from 5:30am to 7:30am this morning but I want to have a rock solid 6-pack in one month. This weekend I got booked for two more films next month and I want to look REALLY GOOD!

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