Monday, March 11, 2013

Let the hate begin!

The Sword just did an article on "The Top 10 Mainstream Gay Porn Stars Who Went Bareback" and I made the list. Let the hate begin!

Actually, I have been very open and honest about my taking on bareback work in addition to condom work and I haven't really received much bad feedback. This should do the trick though. The Sword is famous for their stories that stir up the pot. (Damn... I said that nicely.)

So far I only saw one comment on there about me. Some guy with the screen name daddycentaur wrote: "To bad about Nick Moretti switching to bareback. Cuz I normally love me some hott and sexxxy Italian beefy daddy types…oh well."

Oh well indeed. Sad, because he sounds pretty hot with a name like daddycentaur. But, alas he can not jack off to any porn that I am in because I've crossed over to the dark side.

You can read the article here and post a sweet comment of your own! CLICK HERE TO READ THIS.


Anonymous said...

I think you meant 'Let the love begins'. Frankly which do you think is much hotter when you perform? Or which do you think your fans would pay and jerk off to? Fans ain't stupid Nick - they want to get their money's worth. So you would probably know the answer. When you read anything written there at TheSword - either you read and move on, or read and become completely brainwashed to any rationale or discern.

Mikey said...

Hi Nick
Your choices; your life; your living. Fuck all to do with anyone else.
Keep up the good work and stay safe and happy.
I loves ya, all the same. I'll still jack off to you buddy; you're gorgeous and don't let anyone deny it!

Anonymous said...

While I may not agree with the switch to bareback, it is your decision and yours alone. it is up to you, and no one, NO ONE has the right to challenge it. it is a personal choice, and i know it is an informed one. you have chosen, and i'll still j/o to ANYTHING you film.
A neighbor.
Apt 17 Bob

Anonymous said...

I'm sad/surprised not to see Joey Russo on the list. I can understand how when the virus was new that safety was a mandatory to have condoms in all videos. Now that we've transitioned the disease to a manageable condition and the likelihood of transmission almost negligible in positive individuals who are keeping their viral loads to mimimal levels, it makes condoms not the requirement they once were.

Couple that with the technological advancements in visual media and the monolithic studios not being able (or willing) to vary the style of the models or movies, they can't be surprised that they're losing market share to new "bareback" studios.

If the material is hot, condom or not, I'd watch. But after you've seen the same type of guy go through the same scenarios with the same lighting, camera angles, production quality, I want to see something more visceral and engaging. That's why I still pay attention to Nick Moretti. And if there's a chance you can get Joey Russo to ride your cock in front of a recording device, let me know ASAP! That's a coupling I'll be fantasizing about until it's available.

{jeff edmondson} said...

Fuck those who think barebacking is so evil. If there was no market for it then no one would waste their time watching it. Frankly, with few exceptions, I prefer bareback porn to condoned porn. It's just hotter!

Unknown said...

I enjoy watching either way. Your life, your choice. Consenting adults, negative tests, who are we to judge?

Thanks Nick for all your great work. Any upcoming shoots with Tyler Saint? You two are smoking hot together.