Saturday, October 13, 2012

Yup... I'm a Fucktard!

I didn't even realize that my first Treasure Island Media performance were finally being released until a friend of mine told me he just saw me in a new Treasure Island Media video. I went and checked out the new movie "FUCKTARDS" and he was right. And I'm actually in two scenes!

The first scene is a hotel gang-bang with Jackson Taylor as the cum-dump bottom and Jack Allen, Jerry Stearns, Lito Cruz, James Roscoe, Ty Robers, Devlin Michaels, Blue Bailey, and me as the tops. It was crazy and it was fun! I can't wait to see it.

The second scene is a one-on-one with Treasure Island Media's new exclusive Jackson Taylor. It was clear that we had a great connection when we filmed the gang-bang so it was only natural that we would have or own one-on-one scene. That scene is called Man/Boy Love. It should have been called Man/Boy HOT!!! I guess I went into total Daddy Top mode and it went really, really well. Another scene I can't wait to see!

Here is a free preview of the video, with a link for finding out more info on it or purchasing it, and some photos from my scenes. Hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did filming it!

CLICK HERE to check out more about this new video and purchase it. 

CLICK HERE to check out more about this new video and purchase it.


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I really like TIM's gangfuck scenes. Only wish they didn't include that pig Felching in between guys fucking the bottom.