Monday, October 8, 2012

All about the dogs at the Castro Street Fair

Damon Dogg and I hanging at the Castro Street Fair.
Yesterday was the Castro Street Fair. I've been looking forward to it all year... especially since I live in the Castro and all I had to do is walk out my door and I'm at the fair. I took a break from painting my apartment and putting my new Ikea furniture together, made myself a drink to go, and walked around the fair for a while.

The best part of my day revolved around dogs. First, I ran into my co-worker and buddy Damon Dogg and hung out with him for a few minutes. I gotta say I like that guy more are more as I get to know him. He's a kind, gentle soul with a whole lot of craziness mixed in there. Crazy in a good way, that is. After about an hour the crowds thinned out a bit so I ran back to my apartment, did my dog Cynder's hair up with a pretty blue ribbon, put a black bandanna with pink dog bones around her nick, and took her out to the fair. She had an awesome time meeting people and other dogs. Now that she's deaf she doesn't get frightened by crowds and loud noise so that made it really enjoyable for both of us.


Anonymous said...

Awe that's so sweet . I'm glad you and your dog had a
Lovely time . I'm an avid follower of your blog and I'm glad you had an awesome time. . You deserve it

Stan said...

Bless that Cynder dogs heart. She's lucky to have you as a Dad.