Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Big Storm, Big Sterns, and Loads of Work

I'm sitting here in bed here at home and finally getting a chance to do an update. The past week has been CRAZY and I'm completely exhausted. The trip to New Orleans for Southern Decadence got screwed up royally thanks to hurricane Issac and Southwest Airlines. The whole crew from Factory Videos was supposed to be going, but in the end, it only ended up being my boss, myself, and Patrick OConner (see his photo on the cannon below). I was really upset that my buddy Damon Dogg didn't get to go! I was supposed to get there on Thursday evening but I ended up getting there Saturday evening after cancelled flights, multiple trips to multiple airports, broken down planes, and screw-ups by Southwest Airlines. They really, really suck! It's sad because the people that work there are so nice. Even getting home last night we were thrown off of the plane in Las Vegas without an explanation and stranded for hours. But thank God I'm home now!

The hurricane put a damper on Southern Decadence and all the porn companies that were supposed to be there to provide entertainment cancelled. I think we were the only ones who actually broke our ass to get there. We had a booth at the Phoenix Eagle during their nighttime street event and we also ran the CumUnion party. Being so short staffed it was so much work! Thankfully, a buddy of mine Erick, who lives there, volunteered his time and worked his ass of with us. What an AWESOME guy!

The week started out so well, when I filmed a GREAT shoot with Damon Dogg and the legendary Jerry Sterns. He's not an exclusive at Treasure Island Media any more and it was so good to work with him. He's rocking the ripped, muscle daddy look and his dick is HUGE! Damon put together a trailer for the shoot already and you can watch it below. (You should be able to click and make it full screen.) I gotta say I'm pretty proud of my camera work on this one! Check out Damon's site by clicking HERE if this video preview here doesn't work or if you want to check out the whole video.

Well, off to finally eat something and head to the gym. Tomorrow is another busy day at Factory Video when I'll be shooting a scene with Morgan Black and James Roscoe. THAT should be fun! Directly below is the Jerry Sterns preview video. Enjoy.

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Morgan Black? Lucky you!