Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kansas City Pride at Hamburger Mary's

I'm finally back home... hopefully for a while! The trip to Kansas City was awesome and more than a little exhausting. Hamburger Mary's had so many great events for PRIDE weekend and I pretty much attended all of them. Jeff and Eric, the owners, were extremely gracious hosts. They had a non-stop flow of alcohol going for us and that made it for one FUN time. I usually don't drink when I'm working at events, but I got on the booze bandwagon this time and loosened up a little. OK... a lot! You guys know how I think I can't dance for shit. Well, this time I jumped up on the dancers platform above the stage and did my Gay Monkey Robot Dance most of the night. Chad Brock and Tober Brant were also up there with me shaking their groove things to the music of awesome DJ James Torres.

Back at home I've finally unpacked after months and months of traveling. I'm about half way through painting my bedroom (ya, I started painting it like 6 months ago but this time I'm finishing it!). Next up, I'm going to paint my bathroom... purple. Don't judge till you see it. I also bought some kick-ass animation software, signed up for a webinar course, and am teaching myself some new skills. Hopefully, you will see some Nick Moretti style animations real soon! I also went out and bought a new Betta Fish to replace the one that died last month. It's a kind I never had before and he is beautiful! I named this one Fish. Too tired to think up a better name, I guess. Here are some photos from the weekend. There are many of Tober Brandt because how could you NOT take photos of him. That boy is CRAZY... in a very good way. Hope you like!


{jeff edmondson} said...

Nick, it was such an exhausting weekend for me. But you guys made it amazing for everyone! Love working with you, my friend! Here's hoping we get to work together again in the future...on anything. You're a stand up guy!

Pick said...

Painting your bathroom "purple" ... c'mon Nick. Am I going to have to take your Gay Card back? It's "aubergine" boy, it's aubergine. LOL

Glad you had a fun weekend. Huge Tober fan here too. WOOF! I'm in heaven seeing you guys together.

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of you and Chad. You guys look so adorable together!