Friday, December 30, 2011

Just me and my balls tonight!

I didn't get a Christmas tree this year cause it was just me again and it kinda sucks decorating it alone. But this morning I was walking Cynder and I found this awesome Christmas tree by the curb in the trash. It was perfect! Still nice and fresh and not dried up. I looked around to see if anyone was watching... and I snuck the fucker up the stairs and into my apartment. Christmas decorations are all 1/2 price so it was only $7.50 for a shitload of ornaments. It's perfectly cool because the Italians celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany (to celebrate when the 3 Kings brought gifts to the baby Jesus) on January 6th anyway so I'll still get a little mileage out of the abandoned tree. So that's what I'm doing tonight... decorating my Christmas Tree!


Anonymous said...

I know that tree! It was ours, and we had to put it out because of our cat... I'm so glad it found a good home!!!!
Bob, Apt #17

Jim said...

Happy Holidays, Nick :) Hug, Jim

AC said...

Now who would toss a perfectly good tree before New Years? Have fun Nick!
Happy New Year!

Pick said...

I prefer celebrating Epiphany ... much more peaceful time.

Still don't have my trees up. Kind of doing the 12 days of Christmas thing with Meghan my Golden. She's opening a toy/treat a day.

Merry Epiphany you sexy Xmas tree rustler you!

dianabuble said...

All the best for the coming year Nick.
May it be a happy,healthy & prosporous one for you.xoxox


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the tree you rescued. And I hope you and your balls are bound up in 2012 as often as you like. You're a gorgeous top, but when you're bound up its off the charts HOT to see.