Monday, December 19, 2011

What the fuck am I doing?

So what the fuck have I been up to that's kept me from blogging? Work. Work. And more... Work!

Since the powers that be at killed the Naked Kombat website (yup... I can finally talk about that now that it's happened. It sucks getting fired!!!) I have been SO BUSY with work! Been shooting with lots of different companies like Hot House, Tom Ropes McGurk, BBRT, and Treasure Island Media. I've got some more shoots coming up as a performer and Butt Machine Boys production starts up again in a couple of weeks so I'll be directing those again!

Here are some action photos, and some behind the scene photos from the BBRT shoot that I did the other day. Leif Gobo, who I haven't worked with since the Mustang film "Blue Movie" 2 years ago, was an awesome director! Damon Dog, who seems happy as a pig in shit since he broke away from Treasure Island Media and branched out on his own, was the Photographer/PA for the shoot. And porn newcomer Rowdy McBeal was perfect as my scene partner for this "Bear and Boy" scene. Some of you may recognize his from previous posts on this blog. Yup, that's Rowdy, my ex pup. He's decided to try his ass... I mean hand, at porn. How fast they grow up.

You can read the whole story about this BBRT shoot at Leif Gobo's new porn blog by clicking here. Also, check out Damon Dogg's new porn blog by clicking here.

I know you guys like behind the scenes photos so here are a few of them...


Robert A. Geise said...

Hey, Nick... Hope all if well.

Up til now I am pretty sure anytime I've seen you performing in porn, you've practiced safer sex. Is the barebacking something new or did I just miss it before? Just curious, not questioning your choices... Just concerned for you.

However you worship, have a great holiday, and best wishes for 2012!

blacknoon said...

Hi Nick,

See you're still crabbing about your job LOL. At least you're working and making money and not having to put up with a bunch of old folks farting in the aisle!

After a month in the hospital and 12 weeks of bed rest, I'm glad to be back at work. I could only stand so much of Jerry Springer and Judge Judy.

Christmas is going be a special one for my family since I almost didn't survive the Doctor's screw up and just got more bad news as to what they did to me.

Keep that chin up enjoy life, and appreciate the things that you have.

Have a merry Christmas and stay safe for New Years!!!!


Nick Moretti said...

Hey Robert...
Yes, you're right, up until recently I have only done condom porn. I made the decision to do some non-condom porn. It's an educated decision that I made after a lot of thought and I am completely at peace with it. I hope you think it's hot!
And THANK YOU for the Holiday Wishes! Happy Holiday to you too!

I am VERY HAPPY to be doing all of the work that I have been doing and I pray to God it continues. I try to stay positive, treat people with respect and love, and work as hard as I can for the money I am being paid.
WOW! I can't believe you're recovery period has been this long. You must be so happy to be back at work and around people again.
Believe it or not, I have prayed for you from time to time over the past months after you shared what you were going through. I do believe in "God" or whatever the good and positive connection is between all of us. Not sure how you define it. I hope the news that you just found out was not too bad and is something that you can overcome without much stress or pain. You are in my prayers again.
YOU have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a healthy and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Robert A. Geise said...

You're always hot, Nick. As I said, just concerned for you. Thanks for the response. See you in the new year!

Anonymous said...

hey nick! I really do like this scene. I think you are hot and indeed the "switch" to bareback porn I like!!! hehe! You are an awesome performer and doing a great job behind the scenes too!

Anonymous said...

I've heard that there may be another gay site that might be either greatly downsized or shut down completely in the coming months.

Anonymous said...