Monday, June 6, 2011

Pinball, Hot Nerds and a BFD

This weekend was busy as heck but a lot of fun too.

The pup and I played pinball at Moby Dick's on Friday night. I'm not so crazy about going out to bars but I LOVE playing pinball (even though it looks like I hate it from the look on my face in the photo below.

Saturday I gave a Dom training class at my place for a friend who is doing a BDSM shoot as a Dom this week. We used Rowdy as the sub and I have to say he didn't seem to mind at all. In fact, he was moaning with pleasure the whole time and horny as fuck afterwards.

That night we went to Race Cooper's HOT NERD party at the KOK bar. Rowdy worked the door and I reluctantly entered the Wet Wedgie contest... which I won. Ugh. I hate those kind of contests. (There's a photo of my HOT NERD outfit below.)

Sunday the pup and I went to the BFD Concert. Completely awesome! Linkin Park, Snoop Dogg, The Strokes, Cage the Elephant, Bad Religion and a bunch of other bands. It was an all day event so I was completely freakin beat by the time we left there at 11:30pm. I'm getting WAY too old for that stuff.

Rowdy and I were the token gay couple there and we turned more than a few heads as they saw us holding hands or kissing or dancing together... just like the straight couples were doing. All good feedback though. A big straight dude even screamed out "You guys are the coolest gay guys EVER!". OK, one not so great comment... a confused Asian guy asked if we were father and son. Ugh. LOL. I told Rowdy that the next time someone asks that to say, "Yes", and then stick his tongue down my throat and kiss the fuck out of me.

We had crappy lawn tickets for the main stage events (being a BDSM porn director/performer does not pay all that well unfortunately... yet) but some people who worked for the concert promoters were walking by, saw two homos with their shirts off watching the concert while holding each other on the grass, (ya... that would be us) and asked if we wanted to upgrade to some free seats. Hell ya! We ended up having AWESOME seats for Snoop Dogg and Linkin Park. The perfect end to a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a awesome weekend for you and the pup. You two look so cute together as if you were made for each other. Best of wishes to you both and keep having great adventures and hot times.

Pick said...

Holy Johnny Galecki Batman you make one HOT nerd "fer sure!"

You either need to do a kinky guest spot on Big Bang Theory or do a nerdy BoundGods shoot with Domenic Pacifico as the sub nerd. I bet he'd nerd-up pretty hot too.

So glad your having lots of fun!

rtmaster4all said...

you and the pup look relaxed ...a new thing for you ....its great to have him in your life

Sue said...

My husband is 10 years my senior. People used to comment on our age difference years ago and I would just go with it. I would tell them that I met him while I was a cheerleader at my high school. He picked me up and let me practice at his house! So much fun! If I didn't have them wide-eyed by then, I would just be laughing my ass off. Hubby never minded, we both share a "they deserve it if they are that rude and stupid" sense of humor.

You two do look great together! Anyone who says different is just rude and stupid! Love knows no age! You showed the pup a super weekend! Good for you!

Jim said...

Yup, undeniably cute together :) Congrats!

alleen said...

People with nasty comments are just jealous. Glad that you are having a great time.

Scott said...

Love the hot nerd look!
And you two make a cute couple. My partner of over 12 years is 20 years older than me. Two weeks ago, some guy asked me if he was my father. That made me laugh out loud because I'm filipino and my partner is irish/italian.