Saturday, June 25, 2011

Naughty Pines, popping Cherries and Pride

Damn has life been CRAZY, BUSY and AWESOME!

Since my last post I've taken a trip up to the Russian River where I spend a few days with the pups, the Kinkmen crew, and some good friends and models.

I directed a Naked Kombat match between my good friend Alessio Romero and a new guy named Drake Temple. The match was awesome and they tore each other apart. The sex scene in the woods was OFF THE HOOK HOT! The lighting was natural and perfect, tying the loser to the tree and having him fucked there was awesome and I even got to work some heavily requested foot worship into the scene. I can't wait to see the way this one turned out!

Back in San Francisco, I was lucky enough to get the chance to be an extra in an upcoming real film starring James Franco and Heather Grahm titled Cherry. I showed up to this stripper bar nightclub at 10am expecting to play one of the bouncers but, when they say my muscles and tattoos, they bumped me up to the guy who gets a lap dance. So I spent 3 hours getting a lap dance by this really sweet and really hot chick who was actually working as a model for during her San Francisco stay. What a fun experience and I am even going to get a credit at the end of the film! You can check out details about it by clicking here.

Back to the work front I just directed my first Live Naked Kombat Tag Team Match 2 nights ago. OH MY GOD! Talk about baptism by fire. Pretty much everything that could go wrong behind the scenes happened. I was so freakin nervous the whole time leading up to the live broadcast but as soon as it started I was SO in control. I handled every issue that came up as it occurred and it all flowed together amazingly well. The audience LOVED it, and so did the viewers of the live web stream, according to the web chat that was going on. Talk about popping my live porn show directing cherry with a bang!

Today is PRIDE here in San Francisco and my pup Rowdy and I are just about to head out to the Street Festival. It's the pup's first PRIDE and he is totally psyched! To be honest, so am I! Here are some photos from the Naughty Pines camping/filming trip. Hope you like!

Alessio getting sucked off.
Alessio getting his foot worshiped.
Brenn Wyson taking a break between scenes.

The pup and I taking a hike up one of the trails. Fucking at the top at the lookout spot was fun!

Yes, there was a lot of bullshit going on during some of the shoots but my Naked Kombat one went flawlessly!

Usually it's a photo of me peeing!
Big fucking trees!

Big fucking back! I'm really happy with the muscle I've put on in the past couple of months!


Sue said...

It is so wonderful that everything is going so well for you Nick! Great to see you so happy!

alleen said...

Beautiful muscles on your back.You are looking great.

alleen said...

Best wishes and a happy birthday

Anonymous said...

I hope You, Alessio and your friend dont mind this: