Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas weak... I mean week

It's been a whole week since I posted. Christmas week on top of that. Lots of challenges, a few good times, and some sad ones. Isn't that the way the holidays always are?

In my last post I talked about how exhausted I was from the week long Palm Springs work trip. A long day delayed at the airport and a late bedtime only to wake up early for a Bound in Public shoot. The day was going fine and the shoot was almost over when disaster happened. Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows. During the last 2 minutes of the shoot one of the models got hurt... and it was my fault. It was completely an accident, but that didn't make it suck any less. I took him to the hospital and, after only 13 minutes from walking in there to walking out, he was cleared and released. Only a little Dermabond on his forehead to seal up the Harry Potter looking laceration on his head. He and his dog ended up spending the night at my place and he assured me he wasn't angry with me. But really, anyone would feel like crap after hurting someone else. Especially since we had spent the whole week together hanging as friends and rooming together in Palm Springs. I really hope that never happens again because it sucks. Really, really sucks.

Christmas was really quite. Partly due to the fact that I just moved to San Francisco, partly do to my having to work every day except the company holiday (which I didn't get paid for), and partly because I was feeling exhausted and kind of sad. The holidays do that to you.

I didn't get any gifts this year. Well actually, my friend Adam gave me some pumpkin bread that he made and gave my hamster Bubba a new toy for his cage and my roommate gave me one of those orange flavored chocolate balls that you smack open and break into slices before you eat it. That reminded me of what happened to my model friends head but it still tasted pretty freakin good.

I guess the highlight of my week would be seeing Shrek - The Musical. I bought myself a ticket as a Christmas present and because I was alone I got a great seat. Fourth row! The play was AWESOME!!! Great, fun story, great songs and lyrics, awesome "acting" and special effects. I can't recommend it more highly.

Christmas eve I met my friend Aaron for dinner at Brandy Ho's, a Chinese restaurant I like, and then we went to a very small cocktail party at my friends Ethan Wolfe and his boyfriend Will's place. They didn't even know I had moved to San Francisco since I haven't really been out since I'm here. There were only six of us at the party but there was enough food for like 30 people. It was an unexpectedly nice, enjoyable evening.

Christmas day I went to an Indian restaurant with my friend Adam and then we went to see Tron in 3D IMAX. That is definitely the way to see that movie. I was on sensory overload through the whole thing. What a great experience. Afterward we went to my friend Daine's place for a little Christmas cocktail party and then we came back to my place and watched Despicable Me. I've seen it before but it's the kind of movie I could see twenty times and not get sick of.

Sunday, the day after Christmas and I was back at work. The rest of the Kinkmen crew is off this week, but since I'm still on my 3 month probation period I don't get vacation or holiday pay so I'm going in to work all week. Van gave me a bunch of work to do, on top of my own work, and I'm hoping to use the time to learn some more editing skills, study up on wrestling moves and rules, and learn more about directing and editing from the resources available to me at work.

Sorry this was such a boring post but that was my week. I hope everyone had a VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS filled with love and happiness.


Sue said...

You could have shown up to Christmas dinner with me and my family - that would have blown everyone's minds! LOL! Besides, my Mom insists that everyone has a gift under the tree, so you would have gotten a digital clock!

Scott said...

Merry Christmas Nick! Sounds like you're gonna be the only one working there this week. Hopefully it isn't too crazy and stressful.

Stephen said...

Too bad about the guy getting hurt. Luckily it turned out ok. Accidents are bound to happen. He's forgiven you, so now you should forgive yourself.
Merry Christmas, Happy, Healthy New Year!
Looking forward to seeing more of your work in the year ahead.

Anonymous said...

You had a laid back Christmas, but it sounds like you enjoyed the friendship. You're launched into the world of video editing, but as you probably already know, it is only by doing and then listening to how others see it that you will really learn what works and what doesn't. It isn't a week's course. You'll get there though ... just have patience. And have a great New Year -- may 2011 not be as crazy as the year which has just passed. Hugs.

Stan said...

I'm glad to hear Bubba is still there with you.