Monday, December 6, 2010

Bound Boys and The Sound of Music

OK... another week of non-stop work. Seriously. It's Monday night at 1:00am and I am just eating something and having a big protein shake after getting back from the gym. I've worked every day since my last post. And every night. Usually until about 2:30am. This boy needs a freakin break!!!

I did take one little break on Saturday night to see The Sound of Music sing-along version at the Castro theater. I've never seen the film before (ya, I didn't have THAT childhood) so I was really excited about it. And the audience participation was freakin hysterical!!! I can't remember the last time I laughed so much. And I was luck enough to have my sweet friend Element Eclipse at my side for the show.

At work we've still bee filming non-stop... Naked Kombat, Bound Gods and Bound in Public. Sometimes two in one day! Its crazy.

Here are some photos from a live Bound Gods shoot we did with Vince Ferelli, Brenn Wyson and Chad Rock. HOT AS FUCK!!! Can you believe the bondage position in the first photo? Add some flogging, single-tail and electro to that mix and you know that was one amazing scene!

The next set of photos is from a Bound in Public shoot we did at Every Six Weeks hair cutting salon. Poor Dylan Deep, the sub, had his beautiful, long hair shaved into a reverse mohawk (that made him look like a sad puppy), was paraded around the neighborhood with a puppy tail butt plug wagging from his butt, and was then fucked by lots of hot guys, including my good friend Josh West. That was one shoot I will NOT forget soon.

Speaking of Bound in Public... I there is a new video on the site featuring Dominik Rider, Tristan Jaxx and yours truly at the Nobb Hill Theater. That was the shoot I did the night I moved to San Francisco and I have to say it is really out of control. So many guys and so much sex. You can check it out by clicking here.

I'll try to post again in a couple of days. I swear I'll get back to blogging almost every day sooner or later. For now, I hope you enjoy these behind the scene photos I took this week.


D. W. said...

Always love your posts. Keep it up!!! xoxo

Pick said...

"The SF hills are alive, with the sound of Nick workin' over hunky bottom boys!" ;o)

You know Christopher Plumber and almost every musician I know calls it "The Sound of Mucous". Mind you I can't resist watching it if it happens to be on TV ... really a great movie in spite of the fact that I always make fun of it.

Hope all this non-stop work is the kind that energizes you. Be good to yourself.

Jambrea said...

Busy, busy boy! Try not to work too hard. :)

Totally cool about seeing The Sound of Music. Next weekend I get to go see Wicked! I'm totally excited. :) said...

Luv seeing that bottom Bodybuidler VINCE sadistically erotic pleasuring others