Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My rant about ROIDS AND RANTS

Let me start off by saying that I am a HUGE fan of the ROIDS AND RANTS blog.


I check it out every day and always find the hottest photos, cartoons and computer graphics of the hottest men doing the hottest things.

So what's my beef?

It's been my dream since I started doing porn to have the honor of appearing on the site. Every time one of my movies is released I check the ROIDS AND RANTS blog and watch as, one by one, the entire cast of the movie is posted to the site... except for me. Seriously! The Hot House film "Head Hunters, Inc." is a perfect example of this. Every model from the movie was featured on the site... EXCEPT FOR ME! It's enough to give a guy a complex.

OK, I have to admit that a photo from one of the Bound Gods shoots I did appeared on the site. But you couldn't tell it was me at all!

Can you tell that's me?

So I have a humble request to the guys at ROIDS AND RANTS:
You would make a sad porn stars dream come true and kindly post just one photo featuring me from one of my films on your site. It would make me VERY, VERY HAPPY!

And if you don't...
I will still continue to check out your site every day.

Like I said, I'm a HUGE FAN!!!

It's about 4:15pm and I just surfed over to ROIDS AND RANTS to see what new treasures they have posted. Wouldn't you know it's another photo from Bound Gods featuring...


Jeez guys... I've done more shoots for them than any other model! And they are featuring my video this week to great reviews. Can't you cut a guy a break?

Big sigh.

Well... maybe tomorrow.



Frank said...

How can the roids and rants blog overlook a hot guy like you?
Cross my fingers and hope that at least a pic is posted soon.

JRmuscle said...

I have seen some of your movies and you are one hot guy. And I believe your wish came true since r&r posted a pic with you. HOT!!You are definitely an up and coming star and look forward to seeing more of you out there.