Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kansas City Rocks... Who knew?

My weekend trip to Kansas City and my appearance at the Hamburger Mary's Bear Bust: Cave Break was awesome! I stayed at the couple that own the Mary's house and they made me feel so at home. Actually, a lot better than at home. They had my space in the house fixed up like a fancy boutique hotel, complete with snacks, coffee machine, a mini-fridge, and lots of booze! The house was amazingly beautiful and the views from the back porch were so pretty.

The staff at Hamburger Mary's were so nice and attentive and the people that attended the event were sweet as hell. There were bears, pretty boys, sexy chicks, trendy and hot lesbians, leather daddies... just about anything you could be looking for. I don't remember ever seeing such a diverse group of people at a gay establishment before. And everyone mixed and mingled and got along. Here are some photos from my weekend.

The view from the back deck of the house.

Vern was a hottie and he let me flog him! I hope I get to work with him someday.
His boyfriend was a cute and sweet little pup.

One of the highlights was meeting the fabulous Melinda Ryder and her husband.
She told me her age and I just about fell over. That girl rocks!

What a good looking and nice crowd.

Of course there is always one bad apple in the bunch. This one was worse than most.
Ryan totally abused and dominated me all night. Fun! But exhausting. LOL

By the end of the night I was completely wiped out as you can tell in this photo
with some hot and fun guys.


Dragon Momma said...

Awesome pics, sugar! But who's that cutie in the last pic, in the middle?? Wait...that's YOU?? have on clothes! I almost didn't recognize you. ;)


Jim said...

Great post :) You look fantastic!...esp. in camoflauge briefs ;)

{jeff edmondson} said...

Nick, it was such a pleasure hosting you here in KC. Everyone loved meeting you. You're a great guy and I can't wait until the next time we get to hang out.


Anonymous said...

Great time!!!!! It was fun!!!!