Thursday, April 7, 2011

What's going on...

Life continues to be out-of-control crazy bust. Still working every day, trying to fit in the gym and meditation classes. Here's a random assortment of photos from this week.

I filmed another Bound Gods this week. This time I'm a perverted Navy doctor who chloroforms, bounds, and tortures a new recruit. Fun! Oh ya... I grew some facial hair. I think I was the only man living in San Francisco without some scruff.

Walking down Castro Street just one block from my apartment.
The view from my apartment.

I actually got to spend about 15 minutes in Dolores Park with my friend Aaron on a beautiful, sunny San Francisco day! My first time since I moved to San Francisco.


Chico2luv said...

Your the sexiest man alive . I enjoy every post and look forward to your blog . You are a kind person with a big heart ( you wear it on your sleeve) I hope life gives you everything. That you desire . Did I mention that I love it that your a Nasty nasty man. It warms my heart . He he

Jim said...

Hey Dr. Nick :) the neighborhood looks very festive and inviting.
Like the duct tape work in that one pic!

Damien said...

Hey nick - you look good - happy.

Your friend looks rather woofy too.


bill said...

Please, please never shave the scruff. You are now the hottest man alive. :)

Anonymous said...

Just a perfect blog, man. Urea a real Alpha male and its too hot! Please visit my web blog and enjoy my work too. That wold be a honnor because ure awesome guy!


Unknown said...

You do look damned hot with the facial hair, Nick. Suits you!

Seems like you're settling in the Left Coast pretty well, even if work is keeping you busy.

I do miss some of the spontaneous, carefree videos you've made in the past where you jacked off or gave shaving "lessons" or just goofing off. Got to see the "real" Nick I became infatuated with in those.