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Diversity Rules Magazine Interview

I'm excited and honored that Diversity Rules Magazine has published the first part of an interview I did with them. You guys ask me questions about how I got into the porn industry and what it's like, my views on bareback sex in porn, and other pretty intense subjects and I tackled a few of them in this interview. I've reprinted the first part of the interview below and the second part will be published in next month's Diversity Rules Magazine. Please stop by their website by clicking here, check them out, and show some love to this awesome LGBT community supporter.

Raven’s Porn Corner: Nick Moretti

A Chat With Nick Moretti:  Part I (Part II will appear in the July issue.)
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RE:  Historically it has been rare for a star to remain in the industry after age 30 or longer than 18 months. You started your porn career around age 42,  seven years later your career is still going strong. What is the secret to your longevity in the industry?

NM: No one is more surprised at the success or longevity I’ve had in the porn industry than I am. Now that I’m a couple of months away from my 50th birthday I ask myself frequently, “How the heck did I get here and why are people still interested in me?” I never actively sought out work in the porn industry. It just kinda happened. I’m not an exhibitionist, or a voyeur, and I when I started in porn I was relatively sexually inexperienced.

Up until that time I had had one 3-way that was kind of a disaster due to my overwhelming nerves, and I had never been to a sex club or sex party. The first big movie I did, “Link: The Evolution”, won all the awards that year and got me tons of attention and porn work. Unfortunately, I was no where near being ready for that. I freaked out and backed out of a couple of commitments. I was done with porn. I just felt that everything I was doing wasn’t good enough. Everyone was younger than me and everyone seemed so confident.

After a break I was approached by Steven Scarborough from Hot House and he persuaded me to give porn another shot. He and Brent were so caring and made me so comfortable, even though I was still nervous as hell.

From that point on, I didn’t beat myself up about my performance and observed everything everyone was doing around me... the lighting guy, cameraman, photographer, director and the all models... and I asked questions about everything. Then I did the start-up shoot for Bound Gods and found BDSM. Never knew I would totally get off on being a Dom, but I did... and I do. I was one of the lead models at Kink.com for many years and, again, I learned everything I could during the shoots. When the opportunity to direct for them came up I jumped at it. A few years later and I am now directing full time for Factory Videos Inc. I’m also directing scenes for Dark Alley Media and they just released the series of “fetish” scenes I directed for Treasure Island Media. And I’m still performing frequently for many companies.

So I guess if I had to explain my longevity it would be a combination of things. First, not really wanting to do porn in the first place and not having dreams of becoming a porn “star”. Second, I keep evolving within the industry as  opportunities present themselves. My evolution in front of the camera has gone from “almost pretty boy porn model”, to heavy duty “Dom”, to Bear and Daddy.

Then I expanded and got behind the camera as Director, Cameraman and Editor. Who knows what’s next? Next, coming from a very stable work background and having a very strong work ethic also helps me survive in the industry. I worked in corporate America as an Art Director for about 25 years before I made the switch to full-time porn. I see porn as my job, not as a measure of my self worth but as a job.

One that I take very, very seriously. Finally, the feedback I get from my fans is really amazing and inspires me to keep growing in the industry. Although there are some nasty people out there who send hateful messages, I have to say that the overwhelming majority of messages I get are from people thanking me for doing what I do. For doing what they only dream about doing but will most likely never be able to.

For staying “real” and not feeding into the hype that performing in porn actually makes you more important than anyone else. I’ve been blessed for the opportunities I’ve been given and I thank God every day.


RE: You directed  Treasure Island Media’s recently released  “Damaged Goods”. This movie has people talking about how rough the scenes are. What was the inspiration for some of the acts in this movie?

NM: My inspiration for the rough scenes in Treasure Island Media’s “Damaged Goods” was all of the feedback that I got from viewers while I worked at Kink.com. It’s not just that the interactions are very aggressive, and sometimes brutally so. It’s that these are men are really into the kink that they are doing. You can really see that when you watch the finished product. It’s not... take pretty porn models who are not into BDSM, dress them up in fetish gear, give them a 5 minute flogger lesson, yell at them about how to act, stick in some disconnected, vanilla sex, and then edit it so that it’s all real pretty.

This is real men doing the things that turn them on, and it’s hot, connected, bareback sex. There really is nothing else out there like it.

The evil, sadistic smile on Anotonio Biaggi’s face while he is dripping hot candle wax on Patrick O’Connor’s dick can not be faked. The scene where Brad McGuire and I beat Rowdy McBeal senseless as he begs for more is probably the most controversial scene in the movie. We brutally fuck Rowdy’s face and ass and leave him broken, bleeding and totally satiated. At one point Brad was pounding the boys ass as hard as he could while I was fucking his throat. I increased the pressure of my arm around his throat and started to choke him out. I’ve never seen this captured on film before and watching it gives me chills. Rowdy goes from a state of panic, to an eerily tranquil lights-out moment that is shattered by a back-to-life gasp. This abuse was like a drug to him and Brad and I fed off the high he was getting from it. Rowdy was my boyfriend at the time and I was absolutely  sure he was totally into it before we did the scene. Real life hardcore players in extreme scenes with hot bareback sex... that’s what the viewers asked for, and that’s what I gave them.


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Please stop by their website by clicking here, check them out, and show some love to this awesome LGBT community supporter. 


Sue said...

Sounds like you went balls to the wall on your movie and produced a fabulous picture! Too bad it was bareback - I would have loved to review it for you!


Reflections of Life said...

I am honored to have you in my publication, Diversity Rules! Thanks Nick.

Jim Koury, Editor/Publisher

Stan said...

I salute you for being in porn at this age. I've been a fan of yours from the start. I only wish there were more of you around Nick.